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We were very pleased to have the beautiful spankees Mia Weldon and Lemony Cordell along for a party recently, their first ever spanking party at the Waltham Cross School room.

Both girls took their punishment very well. Though we hope that they have infact learn their lesson, we are prepared to have them back for more discipline if they slip back into bad ways!!!

m l 25.jpg
Lemony. Danielle and Mia {Left to right}


M L 1Mia getting a good hiding.
m l 3.jpg

m l 17
Lemony receiving the paddle.

m l 19
Danielle receiving the black strap.

m l 11
Mia over the gym horse.

m l 20
3 bottoms getting spanked.

m l 18

m l 2
A very stingy plimsoll {trust me, I should know!} with the gym horse in the background.

m l 7
Agony whilst being paddled…HARD!

m l 5
Mia’s beautiful bare bottom being spanked.

m l 15      m l 14
Danielle receiving the new industrial strength strap! OUCH!

m l 12
Lemony preparing to be belted.

m l 21
Inaction shot of Danielle receiving the cane. OUCH!

m l 4
All hands on deck! Lemony and Danielle.

m l 24
Lemony about to receive the cane.

m l 6Smiling despite the pain!

m l 10
Lemony waiting for a spanking.

m l 8   Oh gosh I hope this plimsoll isn’t next!

m l 13
Close up of Lemony’s bottom before she receives the cane

m l 16
Danielle receiving the stingy black strap.

m l 22  m l 23
Before and after of Mia receiving the cane.