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September 2018


Saturday 29th September 2018


Back to School Spanking Party





Who fancies spanking some naughty girls across my new gym horse?


Girls attending: Marta and Danielle

St Swisham’s School recently had a school outing to an art gallery in Central London. The teachers were hailing a successful trip without any problems. That was until it came time to catch the coach home.

bedroom 1

It goes without saying that the usual suspects – Marta and Danielle – were missing. A quick look around the gallery failed to unearth their whereabouts.

It wasn’t till the next day when the naughty school girls were returned to the school grounds – by police car – after having spent a night out in various London night clubs.

party marta   Naughty Marta

The fact that Marta and Danielle are under-aged, and had clearly been drinking alcohol, pales in significance to the fact that the girls were returned wearing skirts that were the size of small belts, and barely covered their knickers, and shirts which exposed far too much skin. A huge difference from their meek and mild appearance when wearing school uniform.


bedroom 2

We are looking for male teachers to help correct this behavioural issue, and ensure that the other school girls behave themselves. Heaven forbid that these activities ruin the fine reputation of St Swisham’s Boarding School.

We understand that this message might fall on deaf ears, so the use of corporal punishment will be permitted to  make sure that the girls learn their lesson. 

john d 2  Danielle being punished last year.


This party will be held on Saturday 29th September 2018. The party begins at 1pm, but guests are encouraged to arrive at 1230pm. We will be debuting the brand new gym horse where the girls will be placed for their spanking and caning.

The price is £160.00 and includes a three course meal, with vegetarian options available.


To book your place, or if you have any questions, please email stingingtails@hotmail.com, or call 07763 870 589

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