#### NEW. BIRTHDAY BEATINGS in Birmingham. Saturday 7th April 2018 ####

Saturday 7th April 2018.


Birthday Beatings Spanking Party.




birthday 1


Girls Attending:
Birthday Girl Danielle H, Chloe and new girl Amber **first spanking party**

What could be worse than being set up on your birthday? 

Chloe and Amber have tricked Danielle in the worst way possible. Danielle had been annoying them both for several weeks, telling them wild tales about just how special her birthday celebrations will be, with an endless mountain of presents, alcohol, cake, balloons and so on. Chloe and Amber have become sick of Danielle’s bragging and have decided to play a little trick of their own.

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Danielle’s family have also become SICK of the never ending list of presents they are expected to provide. Danielle is proving to be real SPOILED BRAT. All they hear nowadays is “I WANT this”, “Oooooo I MUST have that” and so on.

With the agreement of Danielle’s family, Chloe and Amber have decided to replace all of the gifts with implements. When Danielle excitedly opens all of her presents, she is in for a very nasty (and stingy) surprise!


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Chloe and Amber have seen to it that all of the nicely wrapped boxes do not contain presents…. instead they contain a selection of implements. Instead of the various bottles of perfume, clothing, chocolates that she demanded, Danielle is going to feast her eyes on several straps, tawses, belts (not for wearing), slippers and plimsolls (not for wearing).

This will continue until Danielle unwraps a selection of canes. 



m l 16    m l 7

party chloe 2   party chloe




amber Amber




We hope you can join us for a very fun and stingy afternoon with three spankees taking a range of punishments, including the dreaded cane. The party begins at 1pm on Saturday 7th April 2018 and will take place in Birmingham. We encourage guests to arrive at 1230pm so we can begin promptly at 1pm.

This party costs £160.00 to attend and includes a three course meal. Vegetarian option available.


Sore bottoms guaranteed.





07763 870 589

stingingtails@hotmail.com     spankdanielle@hotmail.co.uk