***NEW Birthday Spanking Party. Thurs 12th April 2018. NORTH LONDON***

Thursday 12th April 2018.


Birthday Spanking Party.


Waltham Cross, North London.

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Girls Attending:
Birthday Girl Danielle H, Rebecca and Jessica, and more girls to be announced shortly.

Gosh, yet another year has flown by… It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating my last birthday!



birthday party 5(Picture from last year’s birthday party)


Another year older and none the wiser!

Still getting into trouble and still needing to have her bottom spanked, it is Danielle’s birthday, yes her actual birthday! We are hoping that this year – finally – some disciplinarians can teach her and her no good friends a much needed lesson.

Danielle is under the impression that she is having a ‘normal’ birthday party with cake and balloons. She couldn’t be more mistaken! The surprise will be the gentlemen who are going to discipline her and her no good friends on their bare bottoms for the entire afternoon.

We will have a huge amount of implements that you can use to chastise the naughty girls.


IMG_0495  IMG_0501
Birthday Girl Danielle, after receiving a good tanning recently.

party jessica 2

party jessica 3   party jessica 1  The beautiful Jessica


As the old adage goes, sharing is caring. Lets not forget to give a good amount of punishment to Danielle’s poorly behaved friends as well…. Rebecca and Jessica are well known to the naughty step. 

Please join us for a day of fun and laughter, canings, cake and champagne, red bottoms, panties round knees and birthday beatings.

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Rebecca making a frequent trip to into the detention hall.


The birthday spanking party will be held in the fabulous Whipstock Grange School Room in Waltham Cross, North London. Whipstock Grange is a fantastically decorated school room with authentic school regalia and lots of stingy implements, you may have seen this in the Rhianna Parsons spanking video series on http://www.firmhandspanking.com as well as http://www.wellsmackedseat.com

Over the gym horse we go!


party whip 5   party whip 4   party whip 3
Whipstock Grange


Whipstock Grange Venue Information:



This party costs £180.00 to attend and includes a three course meal. Vegetarian option available.


Sore bottoms guaranteed.





07763 870 589

stingingtails@hotmail.com     spankdanielle@hotmail.co.uk