UPDATED 10 SEP 17. Charity Spanking Party + 60 mile walk


UPDATED 10th September 2017

Lymphoma Charity Spanking Party and 60 mile walk

The write up and pictures!



Note: Peter Simmons will beat Cancer, we love you
Good Luck Danielle Hunt. WALK.

So it’s now two weeks after my 60 mile walk and the charity spanking parties and I am still SHATTERED. Though I feel a lot better, every now and again my right knee makes a clicking sound and feels like its going to fall off. I usually start screaming.

I am going to do my best to write up things in chronological order.Here goes….

charity pic 1  Me getting spanked up The Shard

So the week leading up to the spanking parties and the walk was just absolutely NON STOP. Three days before the first party I went to London and was spanked up The Shard, a first for me.

The person who spanked me told me exactly what would happen if I didn’t complete the walk – a 60 stroke judicial caning!!!
For those of you that don’t know, a judicial caning is a caning WITHOUT any kind of warm up. So you end up looking a bit like this….

charity pic 2

Even Danielle Hunt, lover of all things spanking, DOESN’T want to receive a judicial caning!!!

From previous years when I have done a 60 mile walk, I know that for about a week or two afterwards, I wouldn’t be able to move at all so I brought lots of provisions… books, a DVD, alcohol, painkillers, Deep Heat etc.

  1. North Korea Confidential, by Daniel Tudor and James Pearson. (very good, I give it 5 stars)
  2. Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty (amazingggggggg! Very witty. A true guilty pleasure book)
  3. A Spy Among Friends – story of the Cambridge 5 spy group, by Ben Macintyre (not very good, I gave up after sixty pages)
  4. The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty ( a bit slow to start with, but very compelling from the middle onwards. The ending was truly brilliant. This is a book that makes you question life and your place in it)
    charity pic 3charity pic 4 Would recommend!The DVD I brought was My Cousin Vinny.


I know it’s not advisable, BUT, after having walked 60 miles before, let me tell you – your body hurts ALLLL over. People might not believe it but your hands swell, your face swells, your wrists swell, your shoulders hurt, your back hurts, your neck hurts, your ears hurt from having headphones in, your fingers swell…. EVERYTHING HURTS!

From experience, a glass of wine, a shot of a spirit, and four painkillers, once every two hours, is what you need to combat this. Also… don’t move much.

charity pic 5

charity pic 11 Happy Birthday Chloe!

So there I was on the morning of the first party running round the supermarket choosing the perfect birthday cake for young Chloe. Chloe turned another year older so it was important to get her a lovely cake. You can never go wrong with a caterpillar cake! Getting that over and done with, now it was time to go home, clean the house and start cooking.

charity pic 6  charity pic 7
Just stretching my legs inbetween spankings

charity pic 18  Josephine. Pants up!

charity pic 20 Josephine. Pants down!

The parties were lots of fun and well attended. They featured the normal spanking, strapping, tawsing, paddling, belting, slippering, caning… and so on.

However, when I was in the supermarket I did pick up a card to give Peter.

charity pic 14
Danielle caning Josephine

charity pic 26
Danielle receiving the cane.


If you have been to my spanking parties, you MUST know Peter. If there are two attending named Peter, then Peter always gets called ‘Little Peter’.
Anyways…. Peter has been having a real tough time lately. He is a good friend of mine, and has been for many years. It has been very distressing to watch Peter undergo further treatment for cancer. He had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma once, beat the bastard, got the all clear – WOOHOO, lots of celebrations and big smiles, he got his life back on track and starting enjoying himself for the first time in a long time – then OH SHIT, it’s back again.

charity pic 9 Front of the card

charity pic 10 Messages of support

A year and a half was all Peter got, and now the cancer has returned its back to all too frequent hospital visits, injections, blood tests, biopsies, high grade medication, not being able to go outside…. and so on. For some reason, Peter has been having a really difficult time of it lately, and unfortunately he has had a lot of setbacks with his treatment. It’s very upsetting to watch. I find myself saying “why Pete?” time and time again, but then the logical part of my brain kicks in and says…it could be anyone. I know this, it’s just that it seems so very unfair.

Robert Mugabe and all those idiots are a – ok, yet Pete who hasn’t got a bad bone in his body, is fighting for his life.

charity pic 27  Bending over awaiting the cane


charity pic 12
Josephine getting the cane

Now I’ve got my rant out of my system… I’ll get back to the story of the walk and the parties…..

So I asked everyone at the spanking parties whether they would like to sign Peter’s get well card and everyone put in a nice message of support. Thank you everyone. I greatly appreciate this.

As Pete’s immune system is weak, he cannot be around people because if he got an infection, it might kill him.

charity pic 13  Josephine caning Danielle

Normally Peter would be at the spanking parties, but he can’t come as the effects of his chemotherapy is that he has no immune system. But don’t worry, when he beats it this time, the LAST time, he will be making a reappearance and spanking all those naughty girls again! That I can assure you.


charity pic 15
Spanking Josephine on Peter’s behalf

Literally the moment everyone left my house, it was time to start packing. As some of you may know, I have a fetish for LISTS. I love love love love a nice orderly list. I have a list for just about everything and when I lose one of my lists, I feel that the world is coming to an end and start going into a meltdown.

So last year I made a list of everything I would need, never realising that the day this year would come around so fast.

charity pic 16


  1. Painkillers. Lots of them, many different kinds
  2. Camera. For taking pictures to prove I did it.
  3. Pete’s get well card, as I’m seeing him after the race.
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Mobile phone charger
  6. Headphones
  7. 3 veggie Quorn chicken sandwiches
  8. Energy drinks. I don’t usually drink these and they have rotted my stomach.
  9. Hayfever tablets
  10. Tissue roll. Good for emergencies.
  11. For when I get bored looking at all the sheep
  12. Deodorant and body spray. Last year I smelt like a Taliban wedding.charity pic 17
    Getting everything ready.

  13. Lotion. For when I chafe.
  14. Asthma Inhalers. Won’t be going anywhere without these!
  15. Bra and pants. To get changed for the second day of the walk
  16. Socks. Sweaty feet
  17. Energy tablets. For when it gets dark at night.
  18. Blister Plasters. Absolutely essential.
  19. Normal Plasters. Please God don’t let me have an accident.
  20. Walking boots. I’ll leave the stilettos at home.
  21. Deep heat. For muscle pain
  22. Ibuprofen gel. Ditto
  23. Lymphoma shirt. So everyone knows who I’m walking for.
  24. Waterproof jacket. If it starts raining.charity pic 23charity pic 19

Before I walk out of the door I give the cats a big wet kiss and ask them to wish me luck. King Alfie and King Arthur were more concerned with getting their beauty sleep, not that they need any as they take after me. Queen Mary was busy playing with her boyfriend Mohammed.  


The next thing I did was make my way to London so I could stay overnight at a friend’s house. I had to arrive at Eastbourne for 7am, so getting there from my home in Birmingham just wasn’t going to be possible.

It’s not often that I feel nervous, but the night before I felt absolutely PETRIFIED. Of course, having an early night {I had to be up at 4am} would have been ideal. Alas it wasn’t to be.
I was so on edge about the walk, fearing being crippled by the end of it, that I just couldn’t sleep. I was just couldn’t close my eyes. Instead I stayed up all night watching The State, which had recently aired on Channel 4.

charity pic 62 The State. Magnifique

The State - Ep1 Peter Kosminksy’s The State
I don’t watch much on TV except for the news, but with all the hype I just couldn’t resist. Oooooo Myyyy Godddd wasn’t it amazing! British produced filmography at its absolute finest. There is a special place in my heard for Middle – East based docu-drama series. I would put this on a par with The Honourable Woman, featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal, and The Promise.

I’m definitely going to order The State when it comes out on DVD! Peter Kosminsky at his absolutely best. BRAVO.

charity pic 24


I don’t think it’s possible that anyone could have been more nervous about the 60 mile walk than I was. My friend Michael drove me from London to Eastbourne and I literally was praying for a flat tyre… or another kind of breakdown. My stomach was lurching and for good reason too.

The problem with telling everyone you know that you are going to walk 60 miles for charity is that you have to actually finish the thing!

charity pic 25

So I have been doing long distance walks to raise money for charity since June 2014, one every year. Every year I wear the same pair of blue shorts. I wouldn’t call them lucky, as much as I would say they are one of only two pairs of shorts I own. Well this year they went missing!!!!! I searched high and low for them, searching through everything and looking everywhere. I even found some other items that had gone missing months ago….but no shorts. To say I was getting heart palpitations is putting it lightly, I was on the verge of tears. Without sounding overly suspicious, I am a bit weird about ‘signs’ and thought that this might be a sign… no lucky shorts – no finishing the race.

Whoever has walked off with them can bring them back right now this instant!!!

MND 2  charity (2)  2014 and 2015

I still can’t get over that it’s exactly a year since I did this same walk last year with Michael, for Prostate Cancer UK. Doesn’t time fly? I raised just over £3,500.00 and I am hoping to do the same again this year! I wish Michael was doing the walk with me this year, but he is still sporting a few injuries from last year so…… lots of fun nice injuries for me to look forward to.

charity pic 28 Beachy Head
Those are people, not ants, in the picture.

Thankfully, a lot of people sent me nice emails and text messages. Though its only a small gesture, when you are walking up ANOTHER hill, to then realise you are at the bottom of ANOTHER hill that needs climbing, you need a lot of inspiration, Being a city girl, I’ve always thought that all these hills and fields could do with being flattened. In China they would build something on them in no time at all!

charity pic 29
So bloody steep that you are having to walk down it sideways.

The start of the walk was very difficult, as it was up {and down} the Seven Sisters. I don’t know how many people reading this will have done long distance walks before {I’m not an athlete but I consider myself an expert at this point…} but it really is the steep inclines that do you over. Some of the terrain is very slippy and you have to be really CAREFUL. I wouldn’t want to walk up and down this at night time. Neither am I getting too close to Beachy Head! You’ve got to be mad to want to get too close to that thing!

charity pic 30
Looking back over Eastbourne

Unfortunately for me, the weather was less than ideal. It was absolutely blazing hot, and by blazing hot I mean BLAZING HOT. I was sweating after mile number 1, not a good look. It is so sunny! If I was anywhere else, I’d be with my feet up, sipping a glass of wine and reading a good book, but no, here I am plodding along, saying hello to the local cows and horses.

charity pic 31

Living in Birmingham which is relatively flat means I don’t get to do much training walking up and down hills.

A good catch phrase to sum up the weekend is, don’t look up.

charity pic 32 charity 34
Cows lazing the day away.


It felt like an eternity until I got to the quarter way point – 15 miles. When I got there, I met Michael. Last year Michael walked the 60 miles with me…. We’ll quite a bit behind me, BUT this year Michael decided to have a rest, as he is still injured.

He went here instead

charity pic 33 The Exceptional English Wine Company

Link: https://www.theexceptionalenglishwineco.com/wine/about-us/

It’s a shop called The Exceptional English Wine Company, based in Midhurst, Sussex. It’s a shop that sells ONLY English wine.

Now, as someone who drinks a lot of wine {and has drunk a lot of EVERYTHING since the walk finished, alongside my painkillers, strictly for medicinal purposes}…. I didn’t know England produced a lot of wine, I didn’t realise English wine could fill a wine shop….

charity pic 34

You learn something everyday.

So there I was tending to my wounds {my right foot started hurting a few miles back} and Michael comes in with a big bag of wine. He had spent about £150.00 on six bottles. I was drinking my Sprite when Michael offered myself and 3 other walkers I was talking to some Prosecco.

As you can expect, one thing lead to another, me and the other walkers didn’t make a move for a couple of hours. We drank 4 bottles of wine… it was a very hot day after all.

In amongst the drinking and the ‘one last cup and we’ll make a move’ two hours had passed by. Michael brought some speakers with him, so we all started dancing and drinking. It was like a party, but without having done the hard work / walk first.

charity pic 35


So I’ve had quite a few people email me asking why I ‘fed’ Danielle wine at the race. In my defence, all I was told to do was to keep Danielle fed and watered so she could carry on… and wine is fluids. She wasn’t wobbling as she set off again.

charity 36  NOT QUITE how we were dressed, but you get the idea.


Naturally, one thing led to another and the three female walkers asked what I do for a living. After giving them a very practical demonstration, they said they were interested. I got all of their phone numbers, so watch this space as they all said they would like to come to a spanking party!

Danielle Hunt never misses a chance to recruit new bottoms.



After the drink up {Michael says I drank two and a half of the four bottles….} it was a NIGHTMARE to restart again. It was still blazing hot, and the next 15 miles was simply climbing uphill. I was turning the air blue with my “fucking hell, I don’t think I can walk up this hill”.

charity pic 36 The picture doesn’t show how steep it is!

It was a lot easier as the evening came as it meant it was starting to cool off. I had to stop at least twice to re-bandage my right foot and put some deep heat onto my knees. I’m an old lady.

More cows and more horses!

Towards the end of the day I started to feel really hungry and tired. I normally go to bed around 9pm remember!

charity pic 37   Ouch my legs and feet!


I met Michael at the half way point in Hove and I could have just fallen down at this point. My legs felt like lead. The food at the half way point was really nice, last year it tasted like plastic. I had pasta and chocolate cake

Me and Michael went to a hotel which was near the walking path. I was reluctant to take my walking boots off… from past experience its even harder to put them back on again. Next it was bedtime, no more walking until tomorrow. It literally felt like the lights went out and they were turned back on two minutes later. I felt exhausted.

charity pic 38 More bloody hills!

My breakfast was three bananas, three energy tablets, six painkillers and two energy drinks. BLEH!!!

The walk the second day started REALLY badly. Its hard to put into words, but knowing that you have got the exact same amount of walking to get through, the same amount of yesterday, and that its all ahead of you… its quite overwhelming.

I missed one of the turns on the walk and ended up going off course. By the time I had righted myself, I had walked an extra mile. All I bloody need at this point! I can only put it down to sheer tiredness.

charity pic 39
Bending down to take this photograph nearly killed me!

Walking up and down hills the second day was an absolute killer. I had to stop pretty much every mile to re-bandage my foot, put more blister plasters on, put more Deep Heat on. I don’t know why I signed up to this!!!!

charity pic 40


Just after I walked past the 2/ 3 point, 40 miles, I was ready to throw my hands in the air and say I had been defeated. It just kept going on and on and on. I’d look off into the distance and say, ‘bugger me I’ve got to walk as far as the eye can see’. It was another hot day…….

charity pic 41

I was walking up another bastard hill when I heard a round of applause. I looked up and it was about 15 men on bikes…. in the middle of nowhere. The men explained, in French, that they were cycling to France. They asked me about why I was walking, and I told them that I was walking to raise money for the Lymphoma Association.

We took a few pictures. I wished them well on their bike ride and asked them to pray for me. 20 fucking miles to go.  Yikes

charity pic 42
Me and the cyclists.


I met Michael again at the 45 mile point and nearly collapsed. A group of women were crying saying they just couldn’t complete the last 15 miles, and I felt like joining in and crying with them. I felt like a cripple. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING ached. I also smelled really bad. My shoes were like a nuclear disaster zone. This is a lot harder than bending over and having your bum spanked.

That 60 stroke judicial caning I was threatened with was beginning to sound preferable. now that’s saying something!!!!

charity pic 43 Look at these cakes!

charity pic 44 They were so yummy!

As with all these things, the last little bit was by far the hardest. It was just climbing and descending and I just felt extremely unwell. I felt like I could just fall asleep standing upright. Those energy drinks which I had been drinking for the past month must have rotted my insides. I don’t normally drink them but I needed them for my training. Never again. They don’t even taste nice.

When I was about a mile away from the finish I really had to push the boat out. I just felt absolutely shattered.

charity pic 45
I had to walk a mile just to get around this DUMB river. I wish I would have just waded across and saved time!

charity pic 46
Just ten more feet till that finish line!!!!

charity pic 48
Never thought I would get here!!!

When I got to the finish I just wanted to someone to pull out a stretcher, wheel me over the finish line, and cover me with a blanket. I was THAT tired. I felt like it would be a good idea to check myself into an old aged person’s home. I got my medal, had a few photos taken, and then hobbled to the nearest seat.

charity pic 47
   Getting handed my medal

charity pic 49
My finish time! Its only took me 36 hours!

I felt ecstatic. I text a few friends and sent them photos of myself and the medal. I then had a bit of a snooze.

When I felt ready, we headed back to Michael’s car. That was bloody hard stroll, even though it couldn’t have been further than ¼ mile away.

charity pic 50

We then went to a 50s diner to celebrate.

The only diners I’ve ever been to have been in the US. I didn’t know we had them here in the UK. The diner was amazing, it had juke boxes, it had classic American music and pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. It was AMAZINGGGGGG! The Diner was in Sevenoaks and is called the 7 Diner with a hotel attached!


Defintely going back here!!!

charity pic 51

The medal had its first meal – vegetarian chilli and potato wedges – and its first cocktail – a strawberry daiquiri. I fell asleep in the vinyl seats before I could eat my dessert.

All those promises I made people saying that Im going to paint the town red came to nothing. Michael had to carry me up the stairs in the hotel as my feet hurt too much to walk up the stairs.

charity pic 52

Medal’s first meal

charity pic 53  charity pic 54


I don’t think I am going to take this medal off. Ever.

Before bed Michael fed me some more painkillers cocktails as EVERYTHING hurt.

The next day I was [unintentionally] walking like an Egyptian.

chaarity pic 56

The next day me and Michael went to Pete’s house and I showed Pete my medal and gave him his Get Well Card… yes the one from the spanking party. Pete really likes it, and wants me to thank everyone who signed it for their kind hearted messages of support. Thank you everyone.

If you can’t tell, I got massively tanned from doing the walk.

charity pic 57



Oh gosh, I’m unsure if I’m built to walk 60 miles again after this. I have done it for 3 years running since 2015, and I walked 20 miles before that in 2014.

I might only walk 30 miles next year – 2018 – as it really takes a massive toll on me. I don’t want to think what all those painkiller – alcohol cocktails are doing to my liver!!!

This year, like 2016, I really struggled to do the most basic tasks after the walk. No cleaning, no walking to the supermarket. I could just about hobble to the cupboard to open some cat food for the darlings. It would be nice if next year I had a volunteer to do all my housework, massage my legs and feet, and do my spanking sessions for me. Business as usual!

charity pic 59 About to carve into my celebration cake.

charity pic 58 Cake was very yummy!!!

That said, next year I feel like I would like to help support an animal – based charity. So inbetween now and then Ill read up on some different charities, and the one I like most will receive all the funds from two specialist spanking parties next year.

Roll on 2018.

I will post another update soon to let everyone know what the total amount was raised. So far, I have collected just over £1,000.00 from my sponsors and will pass this onto the Lymphoma Associaton charity this coming week.

Here is my certificate

charity pic 61


See you all at a spanking party sometime
I hope you have enjoyed reading my story

We will be celebrating my achievement on Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th September 2017 at the school girl spanking parties alongside Sophia!





07763 870 589







Saturday 19th and Thursday 24th August 2017

Related image

DSC_7840  DSC_7848

Girls  Chloe, Josephine Scissons, Danielle and Girls TBA

It’s that time of year again. Gosh … hasn’t the time flown by!

Once a year, Danielle does a long distance walk in order to raise money for charity. Last year it was for Prostate Cancer UK, and in total just over £3,500.00 was raised. A big thank you for everyone who supported Danielle and wished her luck on her 60 mile walk. Not to mention those that rubbed her blistered feet after the walk!


But now she is doing it again… for the Lymphoma Association.

The reason that Danielle has chosen to support the Lymphoma Association this year is because a good friend of her’s named Peter, who is also a regular at the spanking parties, is battling this illness for the second time. Pete is fighting hard against this illness, and has a team of fantastic doctors, nurses and specialists who are going to extra mile to make sure that this is the last time he battles this illness. The illness makes life very difficult for him, and effects just about everything that he does.


charity medal 2016  Danielle’s medal for completing the South Coast Challenge, walking 60 miles from Eastbourne, East Sussex, to Arundel Castle, West Sussex.


However, the cost of his treatment is valued at above £360,000.00. That is a huge amount of money, and as we all know that in recent times, government cutbacks mean that vital services are being increasingly reliant on charities to fill the gaps – this includes very serious illnesses, such as lymphoma.

race finish  Danielle at the finish line just before she got her medal.


This is now the fourth annual walk that Danielle is doing for charity. She has been spending a lot of time recently walking and going to the gym.
In 2014, Danielle raise £3,150.00 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association by completing a 20 mile walk. In 2015, Danielle raised £6,253.00 for The Brain Tumour Charity. In 2016, Danielle raised £3,500.00 for Prostate Cancer UK.

race finish 3 - Copy   Danielle with her medal and champagne.

Joining us for all the fun will be bad girl Chloe. The party is going to be very special as we will be celebrating Chloe’s birthday. Another year older and none the wiser I should add!



Chloe has no need to doubt the spanking prowess of the men at the party… however that doesn’t keep her out of trouble. This young lady desperately needs a spanking that will set her straight!


charity 1  aug 1 3  Josephine.

Another bad girl joining us will be Josephine Scissons. Many men have failed to tame this reprobate, but hopefully a good hand spanking, strapping, tawsing and caning might get her to behave better…. once and for all!

Spanking for a good cause… how can you say no.



Once again, ALL the proceeds from the two parties will be going to the Lymphoma Association. It will be a day filled with spanking fun and games.


N.B. Danielle will be completing  a 60 mile walk from Eastbourne, East Sussex to Arundel, West Sussex – across the South Downs, as part of the South Coast Challenge. This is to raise funds for the Lymphoma Association UK {registered charity details below} on Saturday 26th August. Please sponsor her so we can all help beat it.



This spanking will take place on Saturday 19th and Thursday 24th August 2017

Time: 1 – 5.30pm

Girls: Josephine, Chloe, Danielle and GIRLS TBA

Location: Birmingham

OBJECTIVE!!!!: Spanking for a good cause

Implements: Hand, slipper, strap, paddle, tawse, ruler, flogger, carpet beater, riding crop, and a selection of canes.


This party costs £160.00 to attend.


Prostate Cancer Party 2016.

To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589. (No withheld numbers)


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South Coast Challenge information:

The Lymphoma Association Charity information:
Charity event co-ordinator Ms. Adele Matthews – A.Matthews@lymphomas.org.uk
The Lymphoma Association is a registered charity in England and Wales (1068395) and in Scotland (SC045850).
A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (number 03518755).

Lymphoma Association, 3 Cromwell Court, New Street, Aylesbury, P20 2PB. 
Admin line 01296 619 400