####################################NEW. NEW. NEW. DANIELLE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY PICTURES ####################################

Danielle’s birthday party pictures
(and other miscellaneous pics)

bday cake

Somehow this past week I have become yet another year older. As the old saying goes ‘old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway’. I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone, it has literally flown by.

I’m now at the stage where I dread birthdays… you’re just a bit closer to pushing up daisies…. but this birthday was very fun. As you will read below, between my birthday spanking parties, a quick trip to Rome, being featured on the cover of a spanking magazine and being spanked in a NEW spanking DVD, a lot has been going on in my life lately!!!
In between all that I have been doing lots of spanking sessions. and my bum hurts a LOT.


I’ve also been doing lots of never ending financial work for my ‘proper’ job, as it was the end of the financial year recently, which means lots of late nights to meet deadlines! I feel in just the right mood for a long hot holiday!

Where to begin….


1) My new hair.
tricia   bombay 2

ALL I’ve heard for the past few weeks is “why do you want to look like Trisha Goddard?”.

I should start by saying I have nothing against Trisha – though I do think her decision to live in Norfolk is a bit questionable (the last bleeding place I would want to live!). Anyhoo. I’ve been asked this about once a day since getting my hair cut at the end of March. Personally, I think I look nothing like Trisha, but I suppose its better than being told I look like Jeremy Kyle.

All I need is a microphone and away I go!

I wish there was a big secret in it, but the truth is I just wanted something short and fuss-free for when I go on holiday where its going to be jungle hot!!!


2) Happy Passover and Easter


Last year in 2017, Passover actually fell on my birthday. This year it overlapped with Easter Sunday.

I hope everyone reading this website had a fantastic Passover and Easter! I got lots of nice Passover gifts and Easter eggs, thank you.



3) New ITC magazine cover and DVD
(a.k.a. my 15 minutes of fame.)

itc mag 1 - jpeg  New ITC magazine cover

itc mag 2 New ITC DVD – Lashings of Lodgers Lashings.

Recently the postman delivered a large parcel and asked me to sign for it. He asked what it was, and I said “why don’t you come inside and I’ll show you”.

I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to get my hands on these! And not just one copy of each either, I ordered lots for all my friends and signed them. Aren’t I bigheaded!?1?!

itc mag 7   itc mag 8

Double trouble spankings!

I placed the order the minute the magazine and the DVD came out, which was late March. The DVD was filmed and the magazine pictures were taken in mid February. I remember it clearly…… There I was at silly o clock getting the first Birmingham to Leeds train. Talk about dedication.

itc mag 11

Me and Lucy getting a strapping.


I should mention now that I am not at my best in the early hours and look like a zombie. The mornings were still very dark and I really struggle to get up and out the door. I had to get up at 4am to be on the 6am train!

Though I have performed in a lot of spanking films {and other BDSM and adult films} previously, I do really enjoy being spanked on film. I keep saying that one day I will resurrect my Clips 4 Sale and get back to filming my own spanking films, but life just keeps getting in the way.

I have a lot of respect for adult producers because, like running spanking parties, I think a lot of people have NO idea about the level of attention and background work that goes into getting the finished product right.

itc mag 12

For the shoot I was told to pack a big mix of clothing. I had already been sent a rough draft of the script by Mick, who owns the ITC website and has dedicated a large chunk of his life to producing the magazine.

itc mag 3 Who and I? Danielle Spankee DVD

I have already done several films for ITC before – including an interview called ‘Who am I? Danielle Spankee’, and like previous times I really enjoyed seeing Mick and Jan again. Jan is just lovely and very inviting and always cooking nice treats for her guests, so I feel very at home in their house…. ironic as the story line of the DVD is lodgers outstaying their welcome.

Link to buy Who am I? Danielle Spankee DVD:

Link to short exert of Who am I? Danielle Spankee

I remember the day I was going to Leeds to do this interview. I can’t believe that in the time since, 2 and a half years, the exert has been watched 82,000 times! It has been given a 4.3 / 5 rating! VERY PLEASED :DDDDDDD.
The comments are very good also!


What can I say about Lucy Jones?!?!?!?

itc mag 4  Lucy Jones getting spanked in the Wheelbarrow position by Mick

Lucy was lovely and the filming was the first (but hopefully not the last) time I met her. Lucy was very friendly and we chatted about all sorts – unfortunately we have to deduct two points as she is a dog person, and not a cat person like me. Otherwise she is perfect.

I can honestly say I’ve only met a couple of girls that I didn’t get on with during spanking video shoots. Most people are very nice. Would you believe I only met Lucy 4 hours before I had her in this position….

itc mag 13
I don’t think spanking one another in your landlord and landlady”s bedroom is part of the agreement……

I remember hearing the THWACK of the paddle as Jan was using the paddle on her bottom as she was bent over the kitchen table. Golly that girl can take a lot of punishment.

Me and Lucy laughed a lot throughout the filming, and I can definitely say she was the worst lodger out of the two of us. She encouraged me to be bad… believe it or not!

itc mag 5 Its me!  Exert from Lodger Lashings

Here is the description of Lodger Lashings:

Living in a large house on the edge of a university city and struggling to make ends meet, they advertised for lodgers in the local rag. Danielle and Lucy couldn’t believe their luck when they saw the place and how cheap it was, they couldn’t agree to the terms fast enough. They didn’t need to clean up after themselves, do any washing or ironing. Didn’t cook their own meals. It was like an “All inclusive” holiday. All good things must come to an end though, and it certainly did for these two young ladies. Along with very sore bottoms. Available from http://www.itc-mag.co.uk along with a great selection of other spanking films.

itc mag 9
A selection of photos, including Lucy Jones spanking me, me spanking Lucy, and me being spanked in the diaper position by Mick (who had VERY hard hands!)

Link to buy Lodger Lashings DVD


Link to buy ITC magazine – edition #68   (printed version and online version available)


Link to exert from Lodger Lashings DVD



4) The Spanking Wall of Fame.

itc mag 20 (2)

So the middle picture, which I’ve had for years, is obviously not me. But to the right of it is my brand new ITC magazine cover – issue 68. To the left of it is my last ITC magazine cover which came out about 2 and a half years ago – ITC issue 62.

itc mag 21   itc mag 22

Its no wonder that my degree certificate isn’t in a frame on the wall!



5) Look what else I found in the new edition of ITC magazine?!!

itc mag 6

An advert for the Stinging Tails Spanking Party!     Round of applause!

Not only that, but my personal advert for 1-2-1 spanking sessions

itc mag 10



6) Birthday Spanking Party. Birmingham.
07 / 04 / 2018

bham 12

bham 1

I must admit that the day before this party, Friday 6th April, everything looked set to ruin this party.

Chloe’s friend Amber, who was meant to be the third girl at the party, backed out at the last minute. DUM DUM DUM

bham 2

I was on the train from London to Birmingham after finishing a spanking session, at 6pm on Friday, when I get a frantic text message from Chloe saying that Amber had had a bad experience with someone who was spanking her (who I wonder??? I’d love to get my hands on him!) and wouldn’t be attending the party as a result.

bham 3


My beautiful caramel and chocolate birthday cake.

The next two hours were taken up texting EVERYONE. I also had Chloe on the case looking for another girl to replace Amber. As always happens in cases like this, all I kept getting was messages saying “I’ve already got plans”, “I’m busy” and so on…. when finally three girls text me back within a minute of one another saying that they were free and would love to come….. BRILLIANT.

bham 4   bham 7   

bham 9

In the end, to be completely fair, I had to go with the girl who text me back first, which was Rebecca. I have had Rebecca at quite a few parties over the years, not just at my home in Birmingham, but in London and Bristol also. Though recently I hadn’t seen her in just over a year, since the Bedford parties stopped (RIP – this was the first spanking party I ever went to). We still kept in touch often by text and I must admit, I was thrilled that I would be seeing her the next day – and again the following Thursday at Waltham Cross!


bham 5

bham 8
Do you like my balloons?


That initial drama over with (Phew!), the party went very well. For the first time in a long time, we played the game Beat It. The game is played as follows:
You split the men into two groups, and the girls are spanked by each team to the first 1 minute of Michael Jackson’s song, Beat It.
The team that beats the girls the hardest wins – bearing in mind this is JUST hand spanking, nothing else!

bham 6
Chloe’s sore sore bottom!

bham 10   About to receive 6 of the best!

Though it was a very close call between the two teams, there was a winner and they did receive a prize – a glass of Bellini each.

bham 13
Birthday croppings from Rebecca

bham 14
Birthday canings from Chloe.

bham 11
Three very sore bottoms at the end of the party.


7) Birthday trip to Rome – 10 / 04 / 2018
(Strictly business!)


So there’s not many countries left that I’ve not been spanked in…….

Anyways…. two very strange things happened at the end of March. Literally within minutes of one another

1) I got a text message from the Waltham Cross {soon to be closed} venue telling me that I COULD NOT book the venue for my actual birthday – Wednesday 11th April. This was despite me advertising this date for YONKS

2) I got an email from a man called Ernesto who had been watching my spanking videos for several years. I didn’t know Ernesto from Adam…. but Ernesto already knew my birthday by reading a few interviews I had done for various spanking websites.
He had a proposal which was the following:

rome 2

 – Fly me to Rome from London business class on BA, the evening before my birthday, Tuesday 10th April.
 – I would spank and discipline three women Ernesto knows. He was very specific that this be from 12pm to 6pm on my actual birthday, Wednesday 11th April.

– We would go out around Rome in the evening and celebrate my birthday.

– I would fly back to London the following morning, and land in time to go to my spanking party at Waltham Cross (now organised for Thursday 12th April).



rome 7

How could I say no?……….

So after a weekend of being spanked senseless at my home, on Tuesday morning I threw a lot of implements into a suitcase, a few clothes (though in my haste I forgot to take a change of shoes, which would have come in handy), kissed my darling cats goodbye, and made my way to the airport.

I was still quite hungover from the weekend and my bum hurt A LOT from all the spanking parties and spanking sessions. The clean up operation of my home was taking FOREVER and everything was out of place. All the implements were everywhere and in the end I just gave up, promising to clean it all when I got back.

I also left all my birthday presents still wrapped up as I don’t like to open gifts before my actual birthday. (A strange fact about me, when I was 16, I went 5 months – till September – before opening any presents…. I don’t know why. Blame it on the hormones.)

rome 3

I had already been to Italy several times before, the last time I was there was June 2017. I’ve also done spanking sessions there previously, though not with other girls present. I was quite looking forward to meeting the other girls and seeing the apartment I would be staying in, which I was told was in the centre of Rome.

rome 4
If you haven’t traveled business class before, let me tell you, if you aren’t going long-haul I don’t see that there’s much point. I’ve been on a few business class flights previously which have been OK at best…. For various reasons, I am not that gone on BA, but that didn’t stop me accepting a free half bottle of champagne when I told the stewardess it was my birthday the following day.

***Thank you Sarah on the Gatwick to Rome Ciampino flight. If you are ever looking for a bit of extra work, drop me a line and I’ll have you at one of my spanking parties. All you need to bring is your uniform. Bring lovely Linda along too 😀 ***

rome 5

After all the drinks I’d had in the days leading up to it, it tasted OK.

When I landed I was picked up at Rome Ciampino Airport and we went straight to the apartment. I thought I would be meeting the other girls and we would all be staying together, like one big sleep over / sex fest…. but no. It was just me in the apartment, which was good because by this point I was knackered. 



8) My Birthday – 11 / 04 / 2018


rome 6
So as I mentioned earlier, over the past few years, I have been dreading turning another year older. You’re simply another year closer to your grave…. but I must say, this birthday was blinding. 

One of the main reasons being that my bum got a day off!

bombay 7



So I woke up on my birthday and had a momentary feeling of DREAD. Another year on the clock. But I decided then and there to have as nice a day as possible.

Ernesto took me to a high end hotel in the centre of Rome where we had breakfast. The food was extremely expensive, and the tea came in a teapot. It was all silver service, and, as I said earlier, I really began wishing I would have packed a different pair of shoes.


bombay 12




To calm myself down, I had a cup of tea (very nice, I can now see why the pot of tea cost 35 euros / £31.00) and kept reminding myself that I wasn’t another year older till 5pm, as I was born in the afternoon.

The only saving grace was that, every day in the week leading up to my birthday, I was asked for ID when buying alcohol.

****Before I forget, I must say a big thank you to everyone for their kind emails and text messages wishing me a happy birthday. I greatly appreciate it!!****



Just after we finished breakfast – I had a stack of lovely pancakes with blueberry compote – a waiter brought over a chocolate birthday cake with a candle in it. I couldn’t believe it. I LITERALLY COULDN’T BELIEVE IT

bombay 8












I very rarely blush but there I was blushing as he sang Happy Birthday to me – in English. 

bombay 11 
















 Very very happy!

The cake was one of the richest cakes I’ve ever had. And it has a fancy gold bit (I don’t know how else to explain what it was….) that the waiting staff had written ‘Happy Birthday’ on. It was edible, so I ate it.

It took me a couple of attempts to blow out the lone candle, would you believe?!?!?!

bombay 10     After blowing the candles out. 

bombay 6

I must say, after eating this huge stack of pancakes, it was really difficult to eat that cake. Ernesto had a bit of it but even he was struggling. I now wish I would have taken a picture of the cake before we tucked in,  but it looked like fancier version of this….. but mine had very intricate icing on it.

I also wish I would have had some full length photos taken of me. I’ll have to go back to Italy and do it all over again!

rome 9

It was like I had DIED and gone to heaven… this coming from me, a Jew who doesn’t believe in heaven


Now for the spanking. 

rome 10

Now what can I say about the spanking? Not a lot I’m afraid. Photographs weren’t allowed. The girls were all very nice, one came all the way from the Czech Rep. Now she was a funny girl! She made the funniest faces whilst getting spanked.

The apartment was simply GORGEOUS. Just the sort of place I could envisage living in. It had lots of furniture for the girls to bend over, and lots of space for me to get a full-pelt swing in. My only gripe was that it has just a shower, and not a bath where I could soak and read my book.

rome 11

I took quite a few tools – straps, paddles, belts, tawses, floggers, whips, slippers – basically everything except canes and hairbrushes – so I made sure their bottoms were good and red.

One of the girls was being a bit more difficult than the rest so I gave her a good hard six of the whip to teach her a lesson…. this one is frightening.
This wooden handled leather whip has had me screaming the house down before!

implement 13



After all the spanking 

bombay 5

After the spanking, and rubbing lotion into all the injured parties, it was time to go out. We went to a few different cocktail bars – as everyone knows – Danielle Hunt loves cocktails. I had some beautiful cocktails – below are pictures of some of them. 

bombay 4

In between cocktail bars I saw a sign for a massage parlour and decided I wanted a massage. I really enjoy getting massages and it only seemed appropriate after all that hard work I did earlier spanking not one, but three badly behaved women.

A few people might wonder if I got chance to take in some of the wonderful sights of Rome. Though I would like to say yes, the truth is that as I didn’t have too long there, the aim of the trip really was spanking, celebrating, drinking champagne and cocktails. 

bombay 1

The massage was good, but I can’t say it’s the best I’ve ever had. Still, it was nice. She didn’t start jumping up and down on my back, though I have had that done before a few times on trips to the Far East, and it wasn’t as bad as some people might think. 

Afterwards the massages we went to a Mexican restaurant (I love Mexican food) for some din dins and more cocktails. So far so good, I was really enjoying myself. 
The food I had was lovely, and like the breakfast it was a very expensive restaurant. 

bombay 3

Over dinner the girls were asking me about spanking in the United Kingdom and I answered a lot of their questions. Watch this space…. you never know who might be appearing at one of my parties in the near future. 

bombay 2  Cheers to me

Before I knew it, it was the end of the day.
The following morning was an absolute mad rush to get to the airport on time. As I said, I’m not great in the mornings, and the fear of missing the plane meant that I didn’t get a lot of sleep. 

There’s nothing worse than being on an early morning Ryanair flight, being in premium cattle class didn’t help a great deal…. still, it was still worth going to Italy for.

rome 12


9) Waltham Cross Birthday Spanking Party – 12 / 04 / 2018




waltham 9
All about the spanking express.

waltham 22

Birthday Girl Danielle receiving a caning.


Though it was a mad rush to get from Stansted airport to Waltham Cross – via Pete’s house to pick up the party food – it was still a very good day. Spanking parties are always really good fun when Jessica and Rebecca are there, I’ve known them both for several years now, and both girls are very into CP.

I can tell you honestly, they’re still as naughty as ever!

waltham 13

Jessica waiting to be belted.

I felt absolutely shattered before the party had even began as I had had a very early start getting to Rome Ciampino Airport. Added to that, the plane was delayed on arrival as there was heavy fog over Stansted.

waltham 20

Rebecca receiving the cane

waltham 5

Calm before the storm

waltham 18


Jessica proudly showing off her bottom

waltham 21





waltham 15









Jessica bringing in my birthday cake.

This must be the 4th or 5th birthday cake I’ve had this week… I’m not complaining though!

waltham 4

waltham 19





Rebecca awaiting punishment over the horse










Jessica’s cane stripes. She looks like she has been well punished. 

waltham 17

Taking Jessica’s pants down. Non-regulation knickers

waltham 14

The cake was absolutely delicious. Who can say no to chocolate cake?!?!!?


waltham 16

Giving Jessica her first hard 6

waltham 13

waltham 10

Very sore bottom with lots of welts

waltham 12

Rebecca was very naughty and had to receive several demerits on the Demerit Board. Here I am adding another few beside her name.

The little madam tried rubbing a few off when she thoughts the guests weren’t looking, but we spotted her and added them back, plus a few more. 

waltham 11

waltham 8

waltham 6
A birthday isn’t complete without a caning for the birthday girl. 

waltham 2   Jessica being told to lower her knickers.

waltham 1  I’ve just been told to add another demerit next to my name. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

waltham 7
Blowing out all my candles.

waltham 3


I hope you have enjoyed reading!

We would love to see you at a Stinging Tails Spanking Party soon!

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