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Saturday 24th November 2018


Father Michael’s Naughty Nuns Spanking Party




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Featuring: Marta and Danielle

Unfortunately, the local Catholic diocese, which is led by Father Michael, has been informed of some very distressing news concerning two of its fold.

Now that a thorough investigation has been carried out, it seems that the rumours were true.

Mayhem is unfolding…. heads will roll unless naughty nuns Marta and Danielle are taught a stern lesson!!#!!#

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Father Michael was so very pleased when Marta volunteered to read to elderly people at the local nursing home, this was just the sort of selfless behaviour he encouraged in his charges.

However, it turns out that Marta, who had taken a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience, had been stealing money from elderly people that she reads to at the local nursing home and was using the money to buy alcohol and cigarettes.


If that wasn’t bad enough, Father Michael was absolutely appalled to hear that the alcohol and cigarettes were being shared between the other nuns in the monastery.

It seems that, whilst the nuns were meant to be praying in solitude, they were actually having loud and raucous parties which lasted all night long. The icing on the cake was when Father Michael found out the naughty nuns were SPANKING one another.
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Danielle is a totally different story altogether.

When being interviewed by Father Michael for a position in the monastery, Father Michael was very impressed with Danielle’s charity work.

This admiration has now gone out the window. It seems that not only was Danielle taking part in the consumption of alcohol, dancing in a provocative manner, and SPANKING other nuns….  every time she went out official church business, she was encouraging the other nurses to moon the locals.

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Obviously this sort of behaviour is absolutely appalling. Father Michael feels physically sick at the thought of his charges getting up to such shocking behaviour.

Due to this, he is asking that other men volunteer their services in correcting these very wanton women.

It seems that all this bad behaviour might need men to use corporal punishment as a way of teaching these naughty nuns the error of their ways. Drinking, smoking, dancing provocatively and mooning are not acceptable ways to behave!!!!!


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This party will be held on Saturday 24th November 2018 in Birmingham. The party begins at 1pm, but guests are encouraged to arrive at 1230pm. The actual spanking party will finish at 5.30pm.

The price is £160.00 and includes a three course meal, with vegetarian options available.


To book your place, or if you have any questions, please email stingingtails@hotmail.com, or call 07763 870 589

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