Bristol Party

December 2017


Naughty Secretaries Spanking Party


Friday 8th December 2017 in Bristol.

party secretary  party secretary 1

Girls attending: Marta, Josephine Scissons and Danielle Hunt



It has come to management’s attention that three secretaries are causing mayhem in the office. Josephine – who is now being referred to as Lazy Josephine – has quite a short fuse, and has been known to pull a tantrum when she can’t get her way!

Unfortunately, Marta isn’t much use either. Her nails are too long to do any typing on the keyboard. She spends most of her day talking on the phone, to her friends, and doesn’t hesitate in telling business contacts to stop BOTHERING her?!?!!??!?!

party marta  Marta, in her inappropriate office wear.

It only gets worse.. despite only being in the job for two weeks, Danielle seems to find it hard to understand the concept of a 9-5. Quite often, that turns into a 10-4, or after her liquid lunches turns into a 10-12…..

All three women showed a lot of promise when they first started as a secretaries at this company. Once upon a time the women were known to stay late and do extra tasks. All these women need to pull their socks up and get on with the job.

fms 4 spanked in uniform
Danielle getting spanked in her previous officer job.

Bad Bad Girls who must be punished!

party josephine  charity 1   Josephine Scissons.

We will bringing along all our implements, and our bottoms, for what will be a fun day of secretarial-themed spanking mischief. Short skirts, stockings and suspenders guaranteed…. not to mention red hot bottoms!
Bring along your spanking hands for what will be a long day of punishment in the office. Bad secretaries beware.

implements 1

The party will be held is a spacious venue in the Kingswood area of Bristol, this is approximately five miles from Bristol Temple Meads Train Station {which has connections to Bath, Oxford, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Birmingham, Reading, Wales, London and other cities nationwide}.


During the second half of the party there will be private one-to-ones which each of the girls. This is your chance to continue punishing them OR try a bit of spanking yourself if you wish to switch.

The venue also has a very nice leather spanking bench {NOT as nice as Putin the Punishment bench, but a close second} where the girls were receiving their stripes.
The party begins at 12pm and will be finished by 4.30pm

party secretary 2

This party costs £180.00 to attend and includes a three course meal {with vegetarian option}.

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
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