**NEW CHRISTMAS / Anniversary Party in Birmingham. Tue 19th Dec


Tuesday 19th December 2017

Christmas / 4 Year Anniversay party!



Santa has lots of implements in his sack this year!!!


chrism 4

Whoever would have thought it? Four years ago on December 19th 2013 we had our first spanking party in Birmingham! (Please see the History Section)

4 years is a long time indeed. 4 years of doing the very noble task of administering punishment to girls from all across the land, for all manner of misdeamenours.

chrism 1

We will be having a very special party to celebrate the 4 years, and Christmas… and Chanukah.

Please come along for an afternoon of turkey dinner and tawsing, alongside fun and festive games which will guarantee an enjoyable afternoon for all {except for the girls}.

These girls have been very naughty, opening their presents before Christmas day, and enjoying the festivities a bit too much.

chrism 2

Save the date, get your spanking hands ready. We cannot wait to see you there!!!

(Girls to be announced shortly)

chrism 3

This party begins at 1pm on Tuesday 19th December 2017.

The tribute to attend this party is £180.00 and includes a full Christmas dunner with all the trimmings.

To book your place, please phone 07763 870 589.
Email stingingtails@hotmail.com


2018 party dates for Birmingham, London and Bristol to be announced shortly.