****************************************************************************** NEW PICTURES ******************************************************************************

Chloe, Kandy and Danielle after a firm hand spanking.

bris party 6

At long last!

I have lost count how many times I have been asked over the last few months to upload the photos from the recent parties….. during a recent spanking session I was given an extra 12 – YES 12 – strokes of the cane for being lazy about the lack of site updates! Yikes.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their family and friends. I had a wonderful time, thank you for all your kind messages.

As part of my present, I received some very nice implements. That reminds me, I must add these to the implements section. 2018 will truly be the time for giving a good spanking with these beauties!

We look forward to seeing you at parties throughout 2018!
FYI. It is my New Years Eve resolution to update this site and my other sites more frequently next year. These pictures were taken at our School girl spanking party in September, featuring Chloe, Kandi and Danielle. 

(Ignore the dates on the pictures)

More pictures from other parties coming soon. 

Here goes….

bris party 4
Chloe and Kandi awaiting punishment from the Headmaster

bris party 13
Kandi receiving the hard red paddle.

bris party 29
One of the school governors could not spell ‘Tails’ correctly….
Cooorrrrr blimey!
Spankings are in order!!!!

bris party 8

bris party 11    bris party 10
Chloe being disciplined

bris party 27
12 of the best for Disobedient Danielle

bris party 1
Chloe giving Kandi a good smacking

bris party 22
Danielle’s sore bottom!

bris party 14
Chloe receiving the thick new paddle

bris party 12
Naughty Chloe watching Danielle get paddled.

bris party 19
Chloe receiving the cane.

bris party 21
Painful caning

bris party 23
Danielle bent over receiving the cane.

bris party 7
Three bare bottoms.

bris party 28
Do these canings never stop??

bris party 17
A nice red bottom waiting to be punished

bris party 9
Chloe receiving the riding crop.

bris party 24
Danielle receiving a hard caning.

bris party 18
Kandi receiving the cane

bris party 5
Beautiful white pants over a nice sore bottom.

bris party 25
Danielle eagerly awaiting punishment.

bris party 15
Kandi’s bare bottom getting a tanning.

bris party 3
Kandi about to be dealt with by the school Headmaster

bris party 20
Chloe receiving 6 of the best!

bris party 26
Putting a sting in Danielle’s tail!