Friday 2nd February 2018.

School girl spanking party.

Waltham Cross, North London.

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Girls attending. Jessica, Rebecca and Danielle

Our first party of the year at Waltham Cross is going to take place on Friday 2nd February 2018.

We are seeking headmasters to get a handle on a number of disciplinary matters that have come to the attention of the board of governors. St Swisham’s School for girls is has a good reputation where young ladies achieve… and those that don’t receive the slipper or cane across the seats of their school skirts! The worse offenders receive a severe caning on the bare.

party jessica Jessica on a previous trip to detention.

And this is where Jessica and Danielle find themselves today. In the Headmaster’s study after causing a number of problems around the school grounds.

On Monday the girls were making rather rude comments about their French teacher, in French: il ressemble à un idiot. He looks like an idiot.

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Rebecca at a previous detention session.

On Tuesday the girls were spotted drinking alcohol on school grounds, this is strictly forbidden.

On Wednesday the girls managed to blow up an oven in their cookery class. No body is sure how this actually happened, but you can be sure that they were doing something inappropriate at the time.

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Danielle on a previous trip to the detention room. Obviously her last punishment wore off.

On Thursday the girls managed to floor one of the bathrooms. They claimed they were trying to fix a leaking tap. The damage is estimated £1000 to fix.

This leads us to Friday…….. The girls are claiming that all these things are simply bad luck. The fact that they were already well known in the detention room before their week of terrible behaviour shows them for what they really are…. bad girls who need are long overdue a good hiding, and are clearly lacking the firm hand of discipline at home.

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Our last visit to Waltham Cross in October 2017. (Left to right, Lemony, Danielle and Mia)

We are seeking a group of Headmasters who will punish the girls and ensure that they act sensibly in future. St Swisham’s cannot risk allowing its good reputation to go down the drain. A lot of people think that butter wouldn’t melt when looking at these girls, so Headmasters applying for this position need to be aware of this and exercise caution…. ignore their fake tears.

The school’s motto is ‘educating the best to achieve the best’, they don’t want to risk this being changed to ‘the best of the baddest’

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This party will be held on Friday 2nd February 2018 in Waltham Cross, North London, as is from 12pm to 4.30pm, guests are encouraged to arrive at 1130am to ensure we begin on time.
The party costs £180.00 to attend and includes food and drink. Alcohol is available to purchase. 


To book your place, please email,, or ring 07763 870 589

More parties for 2018 to be announced shortly.

Stinging Tails Spanking Party
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