Party Pictures UPDATED 18/4/18

Danielle’s birthday party pictures
(and other miscellaneous pics)

bday cake

Somehow this past week I have become yet another year older. As the old saying goes ‘old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway’. I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone, it has literally flown by.

I’m now at the stage where I dread birthdays… you’re just a bit closer to pushing up daisies…. but this birthday was very fun. As you will read below, between my birthday spanking parties, a quick trip to Rome, being featured on the cover of a spanking magazine and being spanked in a NEW spanking DVD, a lot has been going on in my life lately!!!
In between all that I have been doing lots of spanking sessions. and my bum hurts a LOT.


I’ve also been doing lots of never ending financial work for my ‘proper’ job, as it was the end of the financial year recently, which means lots of late nights to meet deadlines! I feel in just the right mood for a long hot holiday!

Where to begin….


1) My new hair.
tricia   bombay 2

ALL I’ve heard for the past few weeks is “why do you want to look like Trisha Goddard?”.

I should start by saying I have nothing against Trisha – though I do think her decision to live in Norfolk is a bit questionable (the last bleeding place I would want to live!). Anyhoo. I’ve been asked this about once a day since getting my hair cut at the end of March. Personally, I think I look nothing like Trisha, but I suppose its better than being told I look like Jeremy Kyle.

All I need is a microphone and away I go!

I wish there was a big secret in it, but the truth is I just wanted something short and fuss-free for when I go on holiday where its going to be jungle hot!!!


2) Happy Passover and Easter


Last year in 2017, Passover actually fell on my birthday. This year it overlapped with Easter Sunday.

I hope everyone reading this website had a fantastic Passover and Easter! I got lots of nice Passover gifts and Easter eggs, thank you.



3) New ITC magazine cover and DVD
(a.k.a. my 15 minutes of fame.)

itc mag 1 - jpeg  New ITC magazine cover

itc mag 2 New ITC DVD – Lashings of Lodgers Lashings.

Recently the postman delivered a large parcel and asked me to sign for it. He asked what it was, and I said “why don’t you come inside and I’ll show you”.

I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to get my hands on these! And not just one copy of each either, I ordered lots for all my friends and signed them. Aren’t I bigheaded!?1?!

itc mag 7   itc mag 8
Double trouble spankings!
I placed the order the minute the magazine and the DVD came out, which was late March. The DVD was filmed and the magazine pictures were taken in mid February. I remember it clearly…… There I was at silly o clock getting the first Birmingham to Leeds train. Talk about dedication.

itc mag 11

Me and Lucy getting a strapping.


I should mention now that I am not at my best in the early hours and look like a zombie. The mornings were still very dark and I really struggle to get up and out the door. I had to get up at 4am to be on the 6am train!

Though I have performed in a lot of spanking films {and other BDSM and adult films} previously, I do really enjoy being spanked on film. I keep saying that one day I will resurrect my Clips 4 Sale and get back to filming my own spanking films, but life just keeps getting in the way.

I have a lot of respect for adult producers because, like running spanking parties, I think a lot of people have NO idea about the level of attention and background work that goes into getting the finished product right.

itc mag 12

For the shoot I was told to pack a big mix of clothing. I had already been sent a rough draft of the script by Mick, who owns the ITC website and has dedicated a large chunk of his life to producing the magazine.

itc mag 3 Who and I? Danielle Spankee DVD

I have already done several films for ITC before – including an interview called ‘Who am I? Danielle Spankee’, and like previous times I really enjoyed seeing Mick and Jan again. Jan is just lovely and very inviting and always cooking nice treats for her guests, so I feel very at home in their house…. ironic as the story line of the DVD is lodgers outstaying their welcome.

Link to buy Who am I? Danielle Spankee DVD:

Link to short exert of Who am I? Danielle Spankee

I remember the day I was going to Leeds to do this interview. I can’t believe that in the time since, 2 and a half years, the exert has been watched 82,000 times! It has been given a 4.3 / 5 rating! VERY PLEASED :DDDDDDD.
The comments are very good also!


What can I say about Lucy Jones?!?!?!?

itc mag 4  Lucy Jones getting spanked in the Wheelbarrow position by Mick

Lucy was lovely and the filming was the first (but hopefully not the last) time I met her. Lucy was very friendly and we chatted about all sorts – unfortunately we have to deduct two points as she is a dog person, and not a cat person like me. Otherwise she is perfect.

I can honestly say I’ve only met a couple of girls that I didn’t get on with during spanking video shoots. Most people are very nice. Would you believe I only met Lucy 4 hours before I had her in this position….

itc mag 13
I don’t think spanking one another in your landlord and landlady”s bedroom is part of the agreement……

I remember hearing the THWACK of the paddle as Jan was using the paddle on her bottom as she was bent over the kitchen table. Golly that girl can take a lot of punishment.

Me and Lucy laughed a lot throughout the filming, and I can definitely say she was the worst lodger out of the two of us. She encouraged me to be bad… believe it or not!

itc mag 5 Its me!  Exert from Lodger Lashings

Here is the description of Lodger Lashings:

Living in a large house on the edge of a university city and struggling to make ends meet, they advertised for lodgers in the local rag. Danielle and Lucy couldn’t believe their luck when they saw the place and how cheap it was, they couldn’t agree to the terms fast enough. They didn’t need to clean up after themselves, do any washing or ironing. Didn’t cook their own meals. It was like an “All inclusive” holiday. All good things must come to an end though, and it certainly did for these two young ladies. Along with very sore bottoms. Available from along with a great selection of other spanking films.

itc mag 9
A selection of photos, including Lucy Jones spanking me, me spanking Lucy, and me being spanked in the diaper position by Mick (who had VERY hard hands!)

Link to buy Lodger Lashings DVD

Link to buy ITC magazine – edition #68   (printed version and online version available)

Link to exert from Lodger Lashings DVD


4) The Spanking Wall of Fame.

itc mag 20 (2)

So the middle picture, which I’ve had for years, is obviously not me. But to the right of it is my brand new ITC magazine cover – issue 68. To the left of it is my last ITC magazine cover which came out about 2 and a half years ago – ITC issue 62.

itc mag 21   itc mag 22

Its no wonder that my degree certificate isn’t in a frame on the wall!



5) Look what else I found in the new edition of ITC magazine?!!

itc mag 6
An advert for the Stinging Tails Spanking Party!     Round of applause!

Not only that, but my personal advert for 1-2-1 spanking sessions

itc mag 10



6) Birthday Spanking Party. Birmingham.
07 / 04 / 2018

bham 12

bham 1

I must admit that the day before this party, Friday 6th April, everything looked set to ruin this party.

Chloe’s friend Amber, who was meant to be the third girl at the party, backed out at the last minute. DUM DUM DUM

bham 2

I was on the train from London to Birmingham after finishing a spanking session, at 6pm on Friday, when I get a frantic text message from Chloe saying that Amber had had a bad experience with someone who was spanking her (who I wonder??? I’d love to get my hands on him!) and wouldn’t be attending the party as a result.

bham 3


My beautiful caramel and chocolate birthday cake.

The next two hours were taken up texting EVERYONE. I also had Chloe on the case looking for another girl to replace Amber. As always happens in cases like this, all I kept getting was messages saying “I’ve already got plans”, “I’m busy” and so on…. when finally three girls text me back within a minute of one another saying that they were free and would love to come….. BRILLIANT.

bham 4   bham 7   

bham 9

In the end, to be completely fair, I had to go with the girl who text me back first, which was Rebecca. I have had Rebecca at quite a few parties over the years, not just at my home in Birmingham, but in London and Bristol also. Though recently I hadn’t seen her in just over a year, since the Bedford parties stopped (RIP – this was the first spanking party I ever went to). We still kept in touch often by text and I must admit, I was thrilled that I would be seeing her the next day – and again the following Thursday at Waltham Cross!


bham 5

bham 8
Do you like my balloons?


That initial drama over with (Phew!), the party went very well. For the first time in a long time, we played the game Beat It. The game is played as follows:
You split the men into two groups, and the girls are spanked by each team to the first 1 minute of Michael Jackson’s song, Beat It.
The team that beats the girls the hardest wins – bearing in mind this is JUST hand spanking, nothing else!

bham 6
Chloe’s sore sore bottom!

bham 10   About to receive 6 of the best!

Though it was a very close call between the two teams, there was a winner and they did receive a prize – a glass of Bellini each.

bham 13
Birthday croppings from Rebecca

bham 14
Birthday canings from Chloe.

bham 11
Three very sore bottoms at the end of the party.


7) Birthday trip to Rome – 10 / 04 / 2018
(Strictly business!)


So there’s not many countries left that I’ve not been spanked in…….

Anyways…. two very strange things happened at the end of March. Literally within minutes of one another

1) I got a text message from the Waltham Cross {soon to be closed} venue telling me that I COULD NOT book the venue for my actual birthday – Wednesday 11th April. This was despite me advertising this date for YONKS

2) I got an email from a man called Ernesto who had been watching my spanking videos for several years. I didn’t know Ernesto from Adam…. but Ernesto already knew my birthday by reading a few interviews I had done for various spanking websites.
He had a proposal which was the following:

rome 2

 – Fly me to Rome from London business class on BA, the evening before my birthday, Tuesday 10th April.
 – I would spank and discipline three women Ernesto knows. He was very specific that this be from 12pm to 6pm on my actual birthday, Wednesday 11th April.

– We would go out around Rome in the evening and celebrate my birthday.

– I would fly back to London the following morning, and land in time to go to my spanking party at Waltham Cross (now organised for Thursday 12th April).



rome 7

How could I say no?……….

So after a weekend of being spanked senseless at my home, on Tuesday morning I threw a lot of implements into a suitcase, a few clothes (though in my haste I forgot to take a change of shoes, which would have come in handy), kissed my darling cats goodbye, and made my way to the airport.

I was still quite hungover from the weekend and my bum hurt A LOT from all the spanking parties and spanking sessions. The clean up operation of my home was taking FOREVER and everything was out of place. All the implements were everywhere and in the end I just gave up, promising to clean it all when I got back.

I also left all my birthday presents still wrapped up as I don’t like to open gifts before my actual birthday. (A strange fact about me, when I was 16, I went 5 months – till September – before opening any presents…. I don’t know why. Blame it on the hormones.)

rome 3

I had already been to Italy several times before, the last time I was there was June 2017. I’ve also done spanking sessions there previously, though not with other girls present. I was quite looking forward to meeting the other girls and seeing the apartment I would be staying in, which I was told was in the centre of Rome.

rome 4
If you haven’t traveled business class before, let me tell you, if you aren’t going long-haul I don’t see that there’s much point. I’ve been on a few business class flights previously which have been OK at best…. For various reasons, I am not that gone on BA, but that didn’t stop me accepting a free half bottle of champagne when I told the stewardess it was my birthday the following day.

***Thank you Sarah on the Gatwick to Rome Ciampino flight. If you are ever looking for a bit of extra work, drop me a line and I’ll have you at one of my spanking parties. All you need to bring is your uniform. Bring lovely Linda along too 😀 ***

rome 5

After all the drinks I’d had in the days leading up to it, it tasted OK.

When I landed I was picked up at Rome Ciampino Airport and we went straight to the apartment. I thought I would be meeting the other girls and we would all be staying together, like one big sleep over / sex fest…. but no. It was just me in the apartment, which was good because by this point I was knackered. 



8) My Birthday – 11 / 04 / 2018


rome 6
So as I mentioned earlier, over the past few years, I have been dreading turning another year older. You’re simply another year closer to your grave…. but I must say, this birthday was blinding. 

One of the main reasons being that my bum got a day off!

bombay 7



So I woke up on my birthday and had a momentary feeling of DREAD. Another year on the clock. But I decided then and there to have as nice a day as possible.

Ernesto took me to a high end hotel in the centre of Rome where we had breakfast. The food was extremely expensive, and the tea came in a teapot. It was all silver service, and, as I said earlier, I really began wishing I would have packed a different pair of shoes.


bombay 12




To calm myself down, I had a cup of tea (very nice, I can now see why the pot of tea cost 35 euros / £31.00) and kept reminding myself that I wasn’t another year older till 5pm, as I was born in the afternoon.

The only saving grace was that, every day in the week leading up to my birthday, I was asked for ID when buying alcohol.

****Before I forget, I must say a big thank you to everyone for their kind emails and text messages wishing me a happy birthday. I greatly appreciate it!!****



Just after we finished breakfast – I had a stack of lovely pancakes with blueberry compote – a waiter brought over a chocolate birthday cake with a candle in it. I couldn’t believe it. I LITERALLY COULDN’T BELIEVE IT

bombay 8












I very rarely blush but there I was blushing as he sang Happy Birthday to me – in English. 

bombay 11 
















 Very very happy!

The cake was one of the richest cakes I’ve ever had. And it has a fancy gold bit (I don’t know how else to explain what it was….) that the waiting staff had written ‘Happy Birthday’ on. It was edible, so I ate it.

It took me a couple of attempts to blow out the lone candle, would you believe?!?!?!

bombay 10     After blowing the candles out. 

bombay 6

I must say, after eating this huge stack of pancakes, it was really difficult to eat that cake. Ernesto had a bit of it but even he was struggling. I now wish I would have taken a picture of the cake before we tucked in,  but it looked like fancier version of this….. but mine had very intricate icing on it.

I also wish I would have had some full length photos taken of me. I’ll have to go back to Italy and do it all over again!

rome 9

It was like I had DIED and gone to heaven… this coming from me, a Jew who doesn’t believe in heaven


Now for the spanking. 

rome 10

Now what can I say about the spanking? Not a lot I’m afraid. Photographs weren’t allowed. The girls were all very nice, one came all the way from the Czech Rep. Now she was a funny girl! She made the funniest faces whilst getting spanked.

The apartment was simply GORGEOUS. Just the sort of place I could envisage living in. It had lots of furniture for the girls to bend over, and lots of space for me to get a full-pelt swing in. My only gripe was that it has just a shower, and not a bath where I could soak and read my book.

rome 11

I took quite a few tools – straps, paddles, belts, tawses, floggers, whips, slippers – basically everything except canes and hairbrushes – so I made sure their bottoms were good and red.

One of the girls was being a bit more difficult than the rest so I gave her a good hard six of the whip to teach her a lesson…. this one is frightening.
This wooden handled leather whip has had me screaming the house down before!

implement 13



After all the spanking 

bombay 5

After the spanking, and rubbing lotion into all the injured parties, it was time to go out. We went to a few different cocktail bars – as everyone knows – Danielle Hunt loves cocktails. I had some beautiful cocktails – below are pictures of some of them. 

bombay 4

In between cocktail bars I saw a sign for a massage parlour and decided I wanted a massage. I really enjoy getting massages and it only seemed appropriate after all that hard work I did earlier spanking not one, but three badly behaved women.

A few people might wonder if I got chance to take in some of the wonderful sights of Rome. Though I would like to say yes, the truth is that as I didn’t have too long there, the aim of the trip really was spanking, celebrating, drinking champagne and cocktails. 

bombay 1

The massage was good, but I can’t say it’s the best I’ve ever had. Still, it was nice. She didn’t start jumping up and down on my back, though I have had that done before a few times on trips to the Far East, and it wasn’t as bad as some people might think. 

Afterwards the massages we went to a Mexican restaurant (I love Mexican food) for some din dins and more cocktails. So far so good, I was really enjoying myself. 
The food I had was lovely, and like the breakfast it was a very expensive restaurant. 

bombay 3

Over dinner the girls were asking me about spanking in the United Kingdom and I answered a lot of their questions. Watch this space…. you never know who might be appearing at one of my parties in the near future. 

bombay 2  Cheers to me

Before I knew it, it was the end of the day.
The following morning was an absolute mad rush to get to the airport on time. As I said, I’m not great in the mornings, and the fear of missing the plane meant that I didn’t get a lot of sleep. 

There’s nothing worse than being on an early morning Ryanair flight, being in premium cattle class didn’t help a great deal…. still, it was still worth going to Italy for.

rome 12


9) Waltham Cross Birthday Spanking Party – 12 / 04 / 2018




waltham 9
All about the spanking express.

waltham 22

Birthday Girl Danielle receiving a caning.


Though it was a mad rush to get from Stansted airport to Waltham Cross – via Pete’s house to pick up the party food – it was still a very good day. Spanking parties are always really good fun when Jessica and Rebecca are there, I’ve known them both for several years now, and both girls are very into CP.

I can tell you honestly, they’re still as naughty as ever!

waltham 13

Jessica waiting to be belted.

I felt absolutely shattered before the party had even began as I had had a very early start getting to Rome Ciampino Airport. Added to that, the plane was delayed on arrival as there was heavy fog over Stansted.

waltham 20

Rebecca receiving the cane

waltham 5

Calm before the storm

waltham 18


Jessica proudly showing off her bottom

waltham 21





waltham 15









Jessica bringing in my birthday cake.

This must be the 4th or 5th birthday cake I’ve had this week… I’m not complaining though!

waltham 4

waltham 19





Rebecca awaiting punishment over the horse










Jessica’s cane stripes. She looks like she has been well punished. 

waltham 17

Taking Jessica’s pants down. Non-regulation knickers

waltham 14

The cake was absolutely delicious. Who can say no to chocolate cake?!?!!?


waltham 16

Giving Jessica her first hard 6

waltham 13

waltham 10

Very sore bottom with lots of welts

waltham 12

Rebecca was very naughty and had to receive several demerits on the Demerit Board. Here I am adding another few beside her name.

The little madam tried rubbing a few off when she thoughts the guests weren’t looking, but we spotted her and added them back, plus a few more. 

waltham 11

waltham 8

waltham 6
A birthday isn’t complete without a caning for the birthday girl. 

waltham 2   Jessica being told to lower her knickers.

waltham 1  I’ve just been told to add another demerit next to my name. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

waltham 7
Blowing out all my candles.

waltham 3


I hope you have enjoyed reading!

We would love to see you at a Stinging Tails Spanking Party soon!

Stinging Tails
07763 870 589

07.02.2018Gosh it seems that 2017 was yesterday. Looking to the future, we have placed a new advertisement in the upcoming issue of Get Spanked magazine, on of the best two magazines for spanking and CP in the UK.

Our good friend Suzy designed this party advert. Round of applause to Suzy. She sure does know her graphics!


Looking at all of the photos in this advert brings back very good memories. 😀

This is a glimpse of my personal advert for my 1-2-1 spanking sessions.

To order a copy of the most recent edition of Get Spanked:
   (Previous cover)
Get Spanked Magazine

Available to buy both online and in newsagents.

Listing submissives, dominatrixes and spanking parties including Stinging Tails


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MORE NEW PICTURES <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We were very pleased to have the beautiful spankees Mia Weldon and Lemony Cordell along for a party recently, their first ever spanking party at the Waltham Cross School room.

Both girls took their punishment very well. Though we hope that they have infact learn their lesson, we are prepared to have them back for more discipline if they slip back into bad ways!!!

m l 25.jpg
Lemony. Danielle and Mia {Left to right}


M L 1Mia getting a good hiding.
m l 3.jpg

m l 17
Lemony receiving the paddle.

m l 19
Danielle receiving the black strap.

m l 11
Mia over the gym horse.

m l 20
3 bottoms getting spanked.

m l 18

m l 2
A very stingy plimsoll {trust me, I should know!} with the gym horse in the background.

m l 7
Agony whilst being paddled…HARD!

m l 5
Mia’s beautiful bare bottom being spanked.

m l 15      m l 14
Danielle receiving the new industrial strength strap! OUCH!

m l 12
Lemony preparing to be belted.

m l 21
Inaction shot of Danielle receiving the cane. OUCH!

m l 4
All hands on deck! Lemony and Danielle.

m l 24
Lemony about to receive the cane.

m l 6Smiling despite the pain!

m l 10
Lemony waiting for a spanking.

m l 8   Oh gosh I hope this plimsoll isn’t next!

m l 13
Close up of Lemony’s bottom before she receives the cane

m l 16
Danielle receiving the stingy black strap.

m l 22  m l 23
Before and after of Mia receiving the cane. 

bris party 6

At long last!

I have lost count how many times I have been asked over the last few months to upload the photos from the recent parties….. during a recent spanking session I was given an extra 12 – YES 12 – strokes of the cane for being lazy about the lack of site updates! Yikes.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their family and friends. I had a wonderful time, thank you for all your kind messages.

As part of my present, I received some very nice implements. That reminds me, I must add these to the implements section. 2018 will truly be the time for giving a good spanking with these beauties!

We look forward to seeing you at parties throughout 2018!
FYI. It is my New Years Eve resolution to update this site and my other sites more frequently next year. These pictures were taken at our School girl spanking party in September, featuring Chloe, Kandi and Danielle. 

(Ignore the dates on the pictures)

More pictures from other parties coming soon. 

Here goes….



bris party 4
Chloe and Kandi awaiting punishment from the Headmaster

bris party 13
Kandi receiving the hard red paddle. 

bris party 29
One of the school governors could not spell ‘Tails’ correctly….
Cooorrrrr blimey! 
Spankings are in order!!!!


bris party 8

bris party 11    bris party 10
Chloe being disciplined

bris party 27
12 of the best for Disobedient Danielle

bris party 1
Chloe giving Kandi a good smacking

bris party 22
Danielle’s sore bottom!

bris party 14
Chloe receiving the thick new paddle

bris party 12
Naughty Chloe watching Danielle get paddled.

bris party 19
Chloe receiving the cane. 

bris party 21
Painful caning

bris party 23
Danielle bent over receiving the cane. 

bris party 7
Three bare bottoms.

bris party 28
Do these canings never stop??

bris party 17
A nice red bottom waiting to be punished

bris party 9
Chloe receiving the riding crop.

bris party 24
Danielle receiving a hard caning. 

bris party 18
Kandi receiving the cane

bris party 5
Beautiful white pants over a nice sore bottom.

bris party 25
Danielle eagerly awaiting punishment.

bris party 15
Kandi’s bare bottom getting a tanning.

bris party 3
Kandi about to be dealt with by the school Headmaster

bris party 20
Chloe receiving 6 of the best!

bris party 26
Putting a sting in Danielle’s tail!


Very unfortunate news.

sam j

It is with a very heavy heart that I learnt recently that Samantha Jones, an excellent spankee and beautiful person, has lost her battle with cancer and has passed away.

Samantha was a very nice and kind person. I am very pleased that I had the benefit of meeting her. Samantha was kind enough to sponsor me on my charity walk last year for Prostate Cancer UK.

It goes without saying that Samantha will be very much missed. Her very public battle with cancer was humbling and taught me personally how very thankful we should all be for health. Even as the scarriest and saddest of times, Samantha was always trying to make others smile.

I feel extremely sorry for Samantha’s friends and family who miss her greatly.  Samantha was an inspirational person who touched us all.
The world has lost a shining star.


Danielle, October 2017

New Year is proving to ba good time.

Lots of beautiful new implements to punish bottoms!

implement 15


implement 17.jpg
The faux fur bum tickler

implement 18aimplement 18b
Thuddy size 11 gym slipper.

implement 21
Red fabric flogger. Perfect for back whipings!

implement 19
Black paddle

implement 25
Wooden handled leather paddle. VERY PAINFUL!!! Beware.

implement 24a
implement 24b
Double sided leather faux-fur paddle.

implement 26b

implement 26a
3/4 length cane. For punishing the naughtiest of bottoms.

implement 20
Cock handled felt flogger

implement 16

implement 16a
Rose printed paddle.

implement 28
Very painful black cane.

implement 22
Stingy thin wooden paddle.

implement 23a
implement 23b.jpg
Double sided leather and faux fur paddle

implement 27a.jpg
Butterfly shaped riding crop. Very stingy!

implement 29a
Extremely thick belt.

Friday 22nd September

Happy New Year


new year 2

Happy New Year to you all and your families.

I hope you all have a fantastic year ahead.

I am very thankful for my friends, old and new. I love you all.

I got a lot of very nice presents, including some new spanking implements. When I finish all my finance work {bore!} I will do a massive update new week with the Bristol party pictures andsome more pictures I found from the August spanking party for Lymphoma.

Hope to see you all soon.

Happy Rosh Hashanah Everyone. Shanah tovah and Gemar chatimah tovah.

Most importantly, Techi Lah’ad Israel. Long live Israel



Lymphoma Charity Spanking Party and 60 mile walk

The write up and pictures!




Note: Peter Simmons will beat Cancer, we love you
Good Luck Danielle Hunt. WALK.

So it’s now two weeks after my 60 mile walk and the charity spanking parties and I am still SHATTERED. Though I feel a lot better, every now and again my right knee makes a clicking sound and feels like its going to fall off. I usually start screaming.

I am going to do my best to write up things in chronological order.Here goes….

charity pic 1  Me getting spanked up The Shard

So the week leading up to the spanking parties and the walk was just absolutely NON STOP. Three days before the first party I went to London and was spanked up The Shard, a first for me.

The person who spanked me told me exactly what would happen if I didn’t complete the walk – a 60 stroke judicial caning!!!
For those of you that don’t know, a judicial caning is a caning WITHOUT any kind of warm up. So you end up looking a bit like this….

charity pic 2

Even Danielle Hunt, lover of all things spanking, DOESN’T want to receive a judicial caning!!!

From previous years when I have done a 60 mile walk, I know that for about a week or two afterwards, I wouldn’t be able to move at all so I brought lots of provisions… books, a DVD, alcohol, painkillers, Deep Heat etc.

  1. North Korea Confidential, by Daniel Tudor and James Pearson. (very good, I give it 5 stars)
  2. Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty (amazingggggggg! Very witty. A true guilty pleasure book)
  3. A Spy Among Friends – story of the Cambridge 5 spy group, by Ben Macintyre (not very good, I gave up after sixty pages)
  4. The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty ( a bit slow to start with, but very compelling from the middle onwards. The ending was truly brilliant. This is a book that makes you question life and your place in it)
    charity pic 3charity pic 4 Would recommend!The DVD I brought was My Cousin Vinny.


I know it’s not advisable, BUT, after having walked 60 miles before, let me tell you – your body hurts ALLLL over. People might not believe it but your hands swell, your face swells, your wrists swell, your shoulders hurt, your back hurts, your neck hurts, your ears hurt from having headphones in, your fingers swell…. EVERYTHING HURTS!

From experience, a glass of wine, a shot of a spirit, and four painkillers, once every two hours, is what you need to combat this. Also… don’t move much.

charity pic 5

charity pic 11 Happy Birthday Chloe!

So there I was on the morning of the first party running round the supermarket choosing the perfect birthday cake for young Chloe. Chloe turned another year older so it was important to get her a lovely cake. You can never go wrong with a caterpillar cake! Getting that over and done with, now it was time to go home, clean the house and start cooking.

charity pic 6  charity pic 7
Just stretching my legs inbetween spankings.

charity pic 18  Josephine. Pants up!

charity pic 20 Josephine. Pants down!

The parties were lots of fun and well attended. They featured the normal spanking, strapping, tawsing, paddling, belting, slippering, caning… and so on.

However, when I was in the supermarket I did pick up a card to give Peter.

charity pic 14
Danielle caning Josephine

charity pic 26
Danielle receiving the cane.


If you have been to my spanking parties, you MUST know Peter. If there are two attending named Peter, then Peter always gets called ‘Little Peter’.

Anyways…. Peter has been having a real tough time lately. He is a good friend of mine, and has been for many years. It has been very distressing to watch Peter undergo further treatment for cancer. He had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma once, beat the bastard, got the all clear – WOOHOO, lots of celebrations and big smiles, he got his life back on track and starting enjoying himself for the first time in a long time – then OH SHIT, it’s back again.

charity pic 9 Front of the card

charity pic 10 Messages of support
A year and a half was all Peter got, and now the cancer has returned its back to all too frequent hospital visits, injections, blood tests, biopsies, high grade medication, not being able to go outside…. and so on. For some reason, Peter has been having a really difficult time of it lately, and unfortunately he has had a lot of setbacks with his treatment. It’s very upsetting to watch. I find myself saying “why Pete?” time and time again, but then the logical part of my brain kicks in and says…it could be anyone. I know this, it’s just that it seems so very unfair.

Robert Mugabe and all those idiots are a – ok, yet Pete who hasn’t got a bad bone in his body, is fighting for his life.

charity pic 27  Bending over awaiting the cane

charity pic 12
Josephine getting the cane

Now I’ve got my rant out of my system… I’ll get back to the story of the walk and the parties…..

So I asked everyone at the spanking parties whether they would like to sign Peter’s get well card and everyone put in a nice message of support. Thank you everyone. I greatly appreciate this.

As Pete’s immune system is weak, he cannot be around people because if he got an infection, it might kill him.

charity pic 13  Josephine caning Danielle

Normally Peter would be at the spanking parties, but he can’t come as the effects of his chemotherapy is that he has no immune system. But don’t worry, when he beats it this time, the LAST time, he will be making a reappearance and spanking all those naughty girls again! That I can assure you.

charity pic 15
Spanking Josephine on Peter’s behalf

Literally the moment everyone left my house, it was time to start packing. As some of you may know, I have a fetish for LISTS. I love love love love a nice orderly list. I have a list for just about everything and when I lose one of my lists, I feel that the world is coming to an end and start going into a meltdown.

So last year I made a list of everything I would need, never realising that the day this year would come around so fast.

charity pic 16


  1. Painkillers. Lots of them, many different kinds
  2. Camera. For taking pictures to prove I did it.
  3. Pete’s get well card, as I’m seeing him after the race.
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Mobile phone charger
  6. Headphones
  7. 3 veggie Quorn chicken sandwiches
  8. Energy drinks. I don’t usually drink these and they have rotted my stomach.
  9. Hayfever tablets
  10. Tissue roll. Good for emergencies.
  11. For when I get bored looking at all the sheep
  12. Deodorant and body spray. Last year I smelt like a Taliban pic 17
    Getting everything ready.
  13. Lotion. For when I chafe.
  14. Asthma Inhalers. Won’t be going anywhere without these!
  15. Bra and pants. To get changed for the second day of the walk
  16. Socks. Sweaty feet
  17. Energy tablets. For when it gets dark at night.
  18. Blister Plasters. Absolutely essential.
  19. Normal Plasters. Please God don’t let me have an accident.
  20. Walking boots. I’ll leave the stilettos at home.
  21. Deep heat. For muscle pain
  22. Ibuprofen gel. Ditto
  23. Lymphoma shirt. So everyone knows who I’m walking for.
  24. Waterproof jacket. If it starts pic 23charity pic 19

Before I walk out of the door I give the cats a big wet kiss and ask them to wish me luck. King Alfie and King Arthur were more concerned with getting their beauty sleep, not that they need any as they take after me. Queen Mary was busy playing with her boyfriend Mohammed.  


The next thing I did was make my way to London so I could stay overnight at a friend’s house. I had to arrive at Eastbourne for 7am, so getting there from my home in Birmingham just wasn’t going to be possible.

It’s not often that I feel nervous, but the night before I felt absolutely PETRIFIED. Of course, having an early night {I had to be up at 4am} would have been ideal. Alas it wasn’t to be.
I was so on edge about the walk, fearing being crippled by the end of it, that I just couldn’t sleep. I was just couldn’t close my eyes. Instead I stayed up all night watching The State, which had recently aired on Channel 4.

charity pic 62

The State. Magnifique

The State - Ep1 Peter Kosminksy’s The State
I don’t watch much on TV except for the news, but with all the hype I just couldn’t resist. Oooooo Myyyy Godddd wasn’t it amazing! British produced filmography at its absolute finest. There is a special place in my heard for Middle – East based docu-drama series. I would put this on a par with The Honourable Woman, featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal, and The Promise.

I’m definitely going to order The State when it comes out on DVD! Peter Kosminsky at his absolutely best. BRAVO.

charity pic 24


I don’t think it’s possible that anyone could have been more nervous about the 60 mile walk than I was. My friend Michael drove me from London to Eastbourne and I literally was praying for a flat tire… or another kind of breakdown. My stomach was lurching and for good reason too.

The problem with telling everyone you know that you are going to walk 60 miles for charity is that you have to actually finish the thing!

charity pic 25

So I have been doing long distance walks to raise money for charity since June 2014, one every year. Every year I wear the same pair of blue shorts. I wouldn’t call them lucky, as much as I would say they are one of only two pairs of shorts I own. Well this year they went missing!!!!! I searched high and low for them, searching through everything and looking everywhere. I even found some other items that had gone missing months ago….but no shorts. To say I was getting heart palpitations is putting it lightly, I was on the verge of tears. Without sounding overly suspicious, I am a bit weird about ‘signs’ and thought that this might be a sign… no lucky shorts – no finishing the race.

Whoever has walked off with them can bring them back right now this instant!!!

MND 2  charity (2)  2014 and 2015

I still can’t get over that it’s exactly a year since I did this same walk last year with Michael, for Prostate Cancer UK. Doesn’t time fly? I raised just over £3,500.00 and I am hoping to do the same again this year! I wish Michael was doing the walk with me this year, but he is still sporting a few injuries from last year so…… lots of fun nice injuries for me to look forward to.

charity pic 28 Beachy Head
Those are people, not ants, in the picture.

Thankfully, a lot of people sent me nice emails and text messages. Though its only a small gesture, when you are walking up ANOTHER hill, to then realise you are at the bottom of ANOTHER hill that needs climbing, you need a lot of inspiration, Being a city girl, I’ve always thought that all these hills and fields could do with being flattened. In China they would build something on them in no time at all!

charity pic 29
So bloody steep that you are having to walk down it sideways.

The start of the walk was very difficult, as it was up {and down} the Seven Sisters. I don’t know how many people reading this will have done long distance walks before {I’m not an athlete but I consider myself an expert at this point…} but it really is the steep inclines that do you over. Some of the terrain is very slippy and you have to be really CAREFUL. I wouldn’t want to walk up and down this at night time. Neither am I getting too close to Beachy Head! You’ve got to be mad to want to get too close to that thing!

charity pic 30
Looking back over Eastbourne

Unfortunately for me, the weather was less than ideal. It was absolutely blazing hot, and by blazing hot I mean BLAZING HOT. I was sweating after mile number 1, not a good look. It is so sunny! If I was anywhere else, I’d be with my feet up, sipping a glass of wine and reading a good book, but no, here I am plodding along, saying hello to the local cows and horses.

charity pic 31

Living in Birmingham which is relatively flat means I don’t get to do much training walking up and down hills.

A good catch phrase to sum up the weekend is, don’t look up.

charity pic 32 charity 34
Cows lazing the day away.

It felt like an eternity until I got to the quarter way point – 15 miles. When I got there, I met Michael. Last year Michael walked the 60 miles with me…. We’ll quite a bit behind me, BUT this year Michael decided to have a rest, as he is still injured.

He went here instead

charity pic 33 The Exceptional English Wine Company


It’s a shop called The Exceptional English Wine Company, based in Midhurst, Sussex. It’s a shop that sells ONLY English wine.

Now, as someone who drinks a lot of wine {and has drunk a lot of EVERYTHING since the walk finished, alongside my painkillers, strictly for medicinal purposes}…. I didn’t know England produced a lot of wine, I didn’t realise English wine could fill a wine shop….

charity pic 34

You learn something everyday.

So there I was tending to my wounds {my right foot started hurting a few miles back} and Michael comes in with a big bag of wine. He had spent about £150.00 on six bottles. I was drinking my Sprite when Michael offered myself and 3 other walkers I was talking to some Prosecco.

As you can expect, one thing lead to another, me and the other walkers didn’t make a move for a couple of hours. We drank 4 bottles of wine… it was a very hot day after all.

In amongst the drinking and the ‘one last cup and we’ll make a move’ two hours had passed by. Michael brought some speakers with him, so we all started dancing and drinking. It was like a party, but without having done the hard work / walk first.

charity pic 35


So I’ve had quite a few people email me asking why I ‘fed’ Danielle wine at the race. In my defence, all I was told to do was to keep Danielle fed and watered so she could carry on… and wine is fluids. She wasn’t wobbling as she set off again.

charity 36  NOT QUITE how we were dressed, but you get the idea.


Naturally, one thing led to another and the three female walkers asked what I do for a living. After giving them a very practical demonstration, they said they were interested. I got all of their phone numbers, so watch this space as they all said they would like to come to a spanking party!

Danielle Hunt never misses a chance to recruit new bottoms.


After the drink up {Michael says I drank two and a half of the four bottles….} it was a NIGHTMARE to restart again. It was still blazing hot, and the next 15 miles was simply climbing uphill. I was turning the air blue with my “fucking hell, I don’t think I can walk up this hill”.

charity pic 36 The picture doesn’t show how steep it is!

It was a lot easier as the evening came as it meant it was starting to cool off. I had to stop at least twice to re-bandage my right foot and put some deep heat onto my knees. I’m an old lady.

More cows and more horses!

Towards the end of the day I started to feel really hungry and tired. I normally go to bed around 9pm remember!

charity pic 37   Ouch my legs and feet!

I met Michael at the half way point in Hove and I could have just fallen down at this point. My legs felt like lead. The food at the half way point was really nice, last year it tasted like plastic. I had pasta and chocolate cake

Me and Michael went to a hotel which was near the walking path. I was reluctant to take my walking boots off… from past experience its even harder to put them back on again. Next it was bedtime, no more walking until tomorrow. It literally felt like the lights went out and they were turned back on two minutes later. I felt exhausted.

charity pic 38 More bloody hills!

My breakfast was three bananas, three energy tablets, six painkillers and two energy drinks. BLEH!!!

The walk the second day started REALLY badly. Its hard to put into words, but knowing that you have got the exact same amount of walking to get through, the same amount of yesterday, and that its all ahead of you… its quite overwhelming.

I missed one of the turns on the walk and ended up going off course. By the time I had righted myself, I had walked an extra mile. All I bloody need at this point! I can only put it down to sheer tiredness.

charity pic 39
Bending down to take this photograph nearly killed me!

Walking up and down hills the second day was an absolute killer. I had to stop pretty much every mile to re-bandage my foot, put more blister plasters on, put more Deep Heat on. I don’t know why I signed up to this!!!!

charity pic 40


Just after I walked past the 2/ 3 point, 40 miles, I was ready to throw my hands in the air and say I had been defeated. It just kept going on and on and on. I’d look off into the distance and say, ‘bugger me I’ve got to walk as far as the eye can see’. It was another hot day…….

charity pic 41

I was walking up another bastard hill when I heard a round of applause. I looked up and it was about 15 men on bikes…. in the middle of nowhere. The men explained, in French, that they were cycling to France. They asked me about why I was walking, and I told them that I was walking to raise money for the Lymphoma Association.

We took a few pictures. I wished them well on their bike ride and asked them to pray for me. 20 fucking miles to go.  Yikes

charity pic 42
Me and the cyclists.

I met Michael again at the 45 mile point and nearly collapsed. A group of women were crying saying they just couldn’t complete the last 15 miles, and I felt like joining in and crying with them. I felt like a cripple. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING ached. I also smelled really bad. My shoes were like a nuclear disaster zone. This is a lot harder than bending over and having your bum spanked.

That 60 stroke judicial caning I was threatened with was beginning to sound preferable. now that’s saying something!!!!

charity pic 43 Look at these cakes!

charity pic 44 They were so yummy!

As with all these things, the last little bit was by far the hardest. It was just climbing and descending and I just felt extremely unwell. I felt like I could just fall asleep standing upright. Those energy drinks which I had been drinking for the past month must have rotted my insides. I don’t normally drink them but I needed them for my training. Never again. They don’t even taste nice.

When I was about a mile away from the finish I really had to push the boat out. I just felt absolutely shattered.

charity pic 45
I had to walk a mile just to get around this DUMB river. I wish I would have just waded across and saved time!

charity pic 46
Just ten more feet till that finish line!!!!

charity pic 48
Never thought I would get here!!!

When I got to the finish I just wanted to someone to pull out a stretcher, wheel me over the finish line, and cover me with a blanket. I was THAT tired. I felt like it would be a good idea to check myself into an old aged person’s home. I got my medal, had a few photos taken, and then hobbled to the nearest seat.

charity pic 47
   Getting handed my medal

charity pic 49
My finish time! Its only took me 36 hours!

I felt ecstatic. I text a few friends and sent them photos of myself and the medal. I then had a bit of a snooze.

When I felt ready, we headed back to Michael’s car. That was bloody hard stroll, even though it couldn’t have been further than ¼ mile away.

charity pic 50

We then went to a 50s diner to celebrate.

The only diners I’ve ever been to have been in the US. I didn’t know we had them here in the UK. The diner was amazing, it had juke boxes, it had classic American music and pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. It was AMAZINGGGGGG! The Diner was in Sevenoaks and is called the 7 Diner with a hotel attached!

Defintely going back here!!!

charity pic 51

The medal had its first meal – vegetarian chilli and potato wedges – and its first cocktail – a strawberry daiquiri. I fell asleep in the vinyl seats before I could eat my dessert.

All those promises I made people saying that Im going to paint the town red came to nothing. Michael had to carry me up the stairs in the hotel as my feet hurt too much to walk up the stairs.

charity pic 52

Medal’s first meal

charity pic 53  charity pic 54


I don’t think I am going to take this medal off. Ever.

Before bed Michael fed me some more painkillers cocktails as EVERYTHING hurt.

The next day I was [unintentionally] walking like an Egyptian.

chaarity pic 56

The next day me and Michael went to Pete’s house and I showed Pete my medal and gave him his Get Well Card… yes the one from the spanking party. Pete really likes it, and wants me to thank everyone who signed it for their kind hearted messages of support. Thank you everyone.

If you can’t tell, I got massively tanned from doing the walk.

charity pic 57



Oh gosh, I’m unsure if I’m built to walk 60 miles again after this. I have done it for 3 years running since 2015, and I walked 20 miles before that in 2014.

I might only walk 30 miles next year – 2018 – as it really takes a massive toll on me. I don’t want to think what all those painkiller – alcohol cocktails are doing to my liver!!!

This year, like 2016, I really struggled to do the most basic tasks after the walk. No cleaning, no walking to the supermarket. I could just about hobble to the cupboard to open some cat food for the darlings. It would be nice if next year I had a volunteer to do all my housework, massage my legs and feet, and do my spanking sessions for me. Business as usual!

charity pic 59 About to carve into my celebration cake.

charity pic 58 Cake was very yummy!!!

That said, next year I feel like I would like to help support an animal – based charity. So inbetween now and then Ill read up on some different charities, and the one I like most will receive all the funds from two specialist spanking parties next year.

Roll on 2018.

I will post another update soon to let everyone know what the total amount was raised. So far, I have collected just over £1,000.00 from my sponsors and will pass this onto the Lymphoma Associaton charity this coming week.

Here is my certificate

charity pic 61


See you all at a spanking party sometime
I hope you have enjoyed reading my story

We will be celebrating my achievement on Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th September 2017 at the school girl spanking parties alongside Sophia!



07763 870 589






Danielle, July 2017

topsit (1 of 1).jpg

So recently it has been non-stop spanking fun. NON STOP!

Last month I went abroad on holiday and it was soooo hot, so hot that I thought I would melt. The food was great, the scenary was great, the people was great… it was just too hot. Being typical Danielle, all my luggage weight was books, both fiction and non fiction. I took 8 but only enjoyed 2 of them.

I drank lots of cocktails, but the party didn’t stop there. As you will read from below, its been one massive spank-fest that is sure to continue.

From that moment onwards it has been go go go. I am forward and backwards to London every other day. I have also been going to the gym lots to prepare for my 60 mile walk at the end of August for the Lymphoma Association. I am very nervous and the time seems to be going so quickly.

topstairs (1 of 1).jpg
Owwww that hurts. Please sir don’t. My bottom is really sore. Please have mercy……

For the past few weeks I have had quite a few new girls contact me asking to come along to the parties, which is nice. I always encourage new faces, which brings us to the topic of Marta, who is a new girl and came along to the party last week. She was magnifique!!!! We will definitely be having her again.



The day after I landed back in the country, it began with a spanking private party to celebrate Mistress Penelope’s birthday, this included lots of beatings for an unlucky someone. Temptress T was along the fun also, and it was great catching up.

Then the next day I got an invitation to a rather unusual spanking party, at a 5* hotel in London. It was one man versus seven girls, including myself. All I was told was to bring as many spanking implements as I can, and a bikini for the hot tub.

Lets face it, if you are working your bollocks off in the Middle East, all tax free, and you come back to London for a weekend, you are going to want to live it large…. and trust me, everything was large.

It goes without saying that we had a long long night, and I will give details about it shortly. it was a night full of debeauchery and craziness, with a lot of Wolf of Wall Street overtones and over 20 phone calls to room service.

Image result for wolf of wall street office party strippers Image result for wolf of wall street office party strippers

The next morning, it was like looking at a disaster zone. Clothes, shoes, underwear, implements, champagne bottles, food trays… and other disgarded items EVERYWHERE. It was like clean up ground zero. Somehow, and I don’t quite know how, an 8 inch flesh – coloured dildo made its way into my bag. I only discovered it when I got home.
If anyone knows who the rightful owner is…. please get in touch.

In amongst all the ‘oh Gosh my head hurts from all the drinking last night’, ‘oh gosh my bum hurts’, ‘where is my other shoe?’ I had forgotten that later that day, I was running a spanking party at home in Birmingham… and so on the spankings go. It was a mad dash to the train station to get the train back home in time for the party to begin.

It is really hard to stay awake for 36 hours solid….





One of the naughty slaves at the party

Party Party Party. Then there was the Femdom spanking party in Birmingham with Mistress Penelope Cane. Unfortunately there was a bit of a catastrophe! One of the implements met an untimely end. Yes, I was wealding ‘double sided extra thick ping pong bat paddle’ when disaster struck. I must have hit someone a bit too hard and it broke……. Scratch that, I was beating one of the men severely hard and it broke.
Instead of giving it a Christian burial I just threw it out in the trash.

implement 7   implement 6
Double sided extra thick ping-pong bat paddle.

Image result for rip


But as the saying goes.. out with the old and in with the new.

After the party I got an impromptu message from someone I hadn’t seen in over two years, maybe even three years.

What do you do when you’re an Englishman, living in Australia, back in England on a holiday and you have just one evening to spare?…  You ring Danielle Hunt of course.

(Not the exact cane, but you get the idea….)Deskrear (1 of 1).jpg

(Not the exact cane, but you get the picture)

After the necessary re-introductions it was straight down to business:
Clothes off.
Bend over
Stick that bottom out.
You are going to get it…. Hard

new pics (5).jpg  Like my tan?1?!?

After the session, where I was absolutely thrashed, I had to hear all about how Customs and Excise had tightened up at Sydney Airport, and its apparently ‘no longer advisable’ to travel with spanking implements, particularly 30 inch canes. I can’t say I had that problem on my trip down under….

pch Sydney, Australia


I said that I could happily give the cane a new home.
So here it is,

Do believe me when I say it HURTS! The horizontal lines on my bottom think it hurt too!

implement 12

implement 13    implement 14

Now I better get my diary out so I can plan some more parties!




Friday 7th July 2017
Naughty Netballers Spanking Party in  North London



edited 9
Hottest day of the year so far and here we are getting a sore bottom on top. ARGH!

edited 1
Naughty Danielle OTK spanked with her knickers down!

edited 3
Casually watching in whilst Rosie Cleopatra gets paddled.

edited 11
Rebecca receiving a firm dose of the hairbrush.

edited 25

Danielle Hunt getting caned – take 1

edited 26

Danielle Hunt getting caned – take 2

edited 27

Danielle Hunt getting caned – take 3



edited 13
Beautiful Rosie C being spanked OTK.

edited 18


edited 19


edited 6
Bending over to begin the party!

edited 5
Naughty Netballer Rosie C stretched out, receiving the red paddle on her bare bottom.

edited 2
If only you could see the grimace on my face!

edited `0
A run up hair-brushing.

edited 15~  edited 16
Danielle getting a slippering!


edited 23.jpg

Rosie Cleopatra getting caned – take 1


edited 24

Rosie Cleopatra getting caned – take 2



edited 7
So very hot that we had to lift our skirts up!!

edited 4
Rosie C being tanned by out favourite brown M’Campbell paddle!

edited 17
Rebecca getting a red bottom from the red paddle!

edited 12
Danielle bending over the desk being paddled.


edited 14Ouch!



edited 8

So very hot that we had to take our pants down!

edited 20
Rebecca getting caned – take 1

edited 21

Rebecca getting caned – take 2

edited 22

Rebecca getting caned – take 3



Image result for netball

Girls Attending, Rebecca, Rosie Cleopartra *first party*, Danielle

Who would have thought a simple game of Netball would end in such a shambles?!?!?!?!?

Well that’s done it, there goes the reputation of the England Netball Team! In what was meant to be a friendly match with Australia, the girls began fighting and had to be separated by the spectators. The referee had his eye glasses smashed and somehow ended being taken away in the ambulance….

No one quite knows how it all began. The England team say that one of their teammates was DELIBERATELY tripped over, the Australian team say that one of their girls had their hair pulled.

Image result for netball

The England Team don’t seem particularly upset, they are ‘happy’ with their achievement; they didn’t score many goals, but they put more of the Australian teammates in hospital. The fracas even made the local news!!!

This disgusting behaviour cannot go unpunished. The England Netball team is banned from the next four matches, and face an indefinite ban on all future matches unless they can show that they are sorry for the problems that they caused, and show true remorse. As you can imagine, there doesn’t seem a huge chance that that will happen on its own….

birthday party 5

The team’s coaches are seeking a group of like-minded male disciplinarians to instill discipline into the girls. The coaches realise that the only prospect of the girls being allow to re-enter the competition is if the girls are punished like they have never been before. The girls must be reduced to tears, and to cap things off, the girls will be expected to write letters of apology to the Australian team, the referee, the spectators and so on.

This is a very big undertaking, and those considering applying MUST be aware that a half-hearted attempt will not suffice. This punishment party requires only the FIRMEST and STERNEST masters who will leave the girl’s bottoms red for at least a week.  Get your straps, paddles, tawses and canes ready!!!

birthday party 6

The Naughty Netballers Spanking Party will be held in the fabulous Whipstock Grange School Room in Waltham Cross, North London, this will be our second party in this location. Whipstock Grange is a fantastically decorated school room with authentic school regalia and lots of stingy implements, you may have seen this in the Rhianna Parsons spanking video series on as well as

Over the gym horse we go!


Videos –

party whip 5  party whip 4

Whipstock Grange Venue Information:

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails





Party Pictures

Friday 12th May 2017.

Preparing for a School themed Femdom Party.

st 11



A lot of people over the years have asked me how I prepare for the spanking parties. I would like to say that I spend hours luxuriating in the bath with a bottle of champagne a good book and then jump out, shake myself dry and get right to the party….. but unfortunately it isn’t like that.

Normally its messy, with non stop phone calls, last minute changes, trying to get more girls is we have more guys that expected… or trying to get different girls if one of the advertised girls falls ill.

Drama drama drama. Add in to the mix the parties where I need to order different costumes and you have a real headache on your hands.

My friend Michael and myself decided to take photographs of some of the more unusual tasks of preparing for a Femdom School themed party…..

pmanc8  My normal prayer position.



I should mention that it was little short of a miracle that the party did actually take place. The party had been planned for agessssss… and disaster struck three days before on Tuesday.

About a month before the party I was contacted by a porn company who wanted to do a shoot on Tuesday. No problem so far right?
So I schlepped all the way to Godforsaken Hemel Hempstead. Everything was going normal… or as normal as can be expected when you are having sex with someone you have known for all of 5 minutes when IT happened. 


My jaw made a funny noise and I started screaming. I was in AGONY, and I mean agony. I thought it was going to be a 9-9-9 and blues and twos jobby. Ohhhhh myyyy God.

But all the praying helped. The prayers to Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, Obi Wan Kenobi and the Viking God of Jaws WORKED… well, that and about 20 different painkillers.

…… I always knew there was a reason I didn’t like Hemel Bastard Hempstead.


Back to what I was saying……….


It was 1am on the morning of the party – Friday 12th May 2017 – and, though I had planned to make the blackboard many moons ago, for various reasons I got side tracked and it got left to the last minute.

I knew I wanted a very large blackboard, and had bid on some on eBay. I kept getting outbid, time and time again, alternatively the others I had my eye on were too far away to go and collect.

st 2   On goes the primer.


I brought some specialist Blackboard paint from B and Q, and thanks for our new friend Ben,  who said he had painted a blackboard before {why? – is he a Headmaster, does he attend school-themed spanking parties?? is this a new recruit for the Stinging Tails Spanking Parties???} suggested I put a coat of primer on first of all.

(Ben, if you are reading this, you are more than welcome to come along for a good hiding!)

st 3 Arthur ensuring I get all the edges.


I had a spare piece of wood lying around from one of my previous DIY endeavours. As anyone who knows me will know, I have a habit of getting more paint on myself than on the walls…. etc. Under Michael’s guidance, he suggested I put newspaper down on the floor first.
Already we are off to a better start than if I did it alone.

By now its 1.30 am and I am sooooo tired. I am struggling to keep my eyes open.

st 4

As well as taking these photographs. Michael helped by giving instruction, and threatening to spank me if I got too much paint on the floor.

st 5

Next its bedtime!

I had set my alarm for 5am, but I was tooo tired to wake up.

I finally woke up at 7am, and first order of the day – after feeding the cats – was painting the blackboard. This is very important as the other mistresses and myself needed to list all the demerits of the naughty boys throughout the Femdom party.
These include: rudeness, insolence, looking at us in a provocative or disrespectful manner, trying to touch miss’s bottom or legs, not responding well to a spanking, general disruption, not getting full marks on the school examinations, not wearing correct school uniforom…. and so on.

st 6 Almost ready!

I can’t stop yawning.

I put another coat of Blackboard paint on, as our new friend Ben suggested.

Next task was general tidying. Me and Henry Hoover, Colin the Dust Cloth and Carmela the Carpet Washer had another morning dalliance.

Next I had to do some cooking so that the starters were ready for the guests when they arrived. I would have taken photos of the kitchen, but as every surface was jam packed with food, half baked mixtures, and copious amounts of alcohol I decided not to take a photograph. It looks very messy.

We also have a Birthday cake that needs the candles put on!

st 7 Last little bit!!


I always believe that having too much food is better than not enough, and as we oftentimes have people come last minute, I always ensure there is more than enough. We could feed the five thousand. As a vegetarian it can be a bit difficult cooking meat correctly, as I can’t taste it to check. Here is where Michael proves invaluable.

up35.jpg   Cooking time.

As I am cooking and cleaning, there is always a deluge of phone calls, ranging from people asking my address, the girls asking what the wear etc etc. The worst part is when I get ‘URGENT’ calls or emails from my vanilla {a.k.a. proper} job and I have to get my laptop out…. whilst my hands covered in cooking oil and the like…..
My cats always want fuss when I am doing all this. It’s difficult doing 100 things at once, but as of yet, I have never burnt any food at a party!

st 8 I made this!!!

The blackboard is quite a lot heavier than I originally thought, so I don’t think we can hang this on the wall. I’d hate for it to fall on one of the guests!!But before anyone else comes through the door I need to spend some time preparing the exams – English, History and Geography. The exam questions will be read out by Mistress T, Mistress Penelope Cane and myself.

Just like the blackboard, this is just another job that I have left till the very last minute. Out comes the pens and paper as I make the exams.


Before the party I always have hundreds of bits of paper lying around with lists of things to do… and all hell breaks loose when I misplace one of my lists.

Breathe Breathe Breathe.

Michael has to make me two Coffee Martinis to wake me up after all the cleaning and  cooking.

st 9

Normally I do all the prep for the party by myself, but as it happens I have Michael here today so he is here to help me with the heavy tasks. This includes moving all the normal furniture to one side and helping me carry in the school desks from the Utility room. How I came to have the school desks is another strange but story for another time….

Moving the desks is no easy feat, as we have to move everything off of the desks… all my work tools. This includes chain saws, jigsaws, tree saws, regular saws {I better stop with all this talk of saws, incase anyone become scared of me…..} hammers, lawn movers, hundreds of pots of paint, spanners, screw drivers and things I didn’t even know I had…….

st 10 School desks!

With that done its now time to prepare all the spanking implements and place some on the desks to incentivise the students! Learning is very important.

Then I jump in the shower and get dressed….. Let the party begin.
I must put my make up on or I’ll scare all the guests away.

You probably wouldn’t believe this, but there is very little difference between actual teaching and teaching at a spanking party. When Mistress T and Mistress Penelope Cane arrive, we spend a bit of time going over our lesson plan, and give lots of importance to the types of behaviour we will not tolerate in the classroom. We also have to prepare for the naughty pupils trying to take over.
It definitely helps having a selection of school-themed spanking implements.

implement 8
House of Eros spanking ruler strap.

Everything is going exactly to plan, Mistress T tells me that she has had a rather stressful week and needs to take her frustration out somehow.
Add this to some of the torture techniques I have learnt whilst reading a book on North Korea. The book is called A Kim Jong-Il Production by Paul Fischer, 2015. Yes, I am almost done reading this book and it has been an excellent read. I chose it as one of my birthday presents, as anyone who knows me knows that whilst I am not a communist sympathiser, I read a lot of books on North Korea, Kin Jong – UN, Cuba, Kim Jong-Il, and other communist dictatorships.
I can tell you the last place I want to be is in a North Korean Slammer, that’s for sure. Give me 12 of the hardest cane any day of the week!


One of the attendees, and one of my good friends had a birthday that day, so it’s cake time. We always have a big birthday cake when it’s people’s birthdays!

The cake is always followed by the caning round…. and then the crying round.

st 11

After the party when everyone has gone home – or on the occasions that people decide to sleep over – I always feel absolutely exhausted. Being spanked at the female-submissive parties is no less exhausting than doing the spanking at the Femdom parties. As I am an achy old lady, everything hurts. My head hurts, my face hurts, my arms hurt, my wrists hurt, my legs hurt, my eyes hurt, my voice goes…. What better excuse for Prosecco – time, Cava o’clock, Sauvignon Blank time, Pinot o’clock and Cocktail time.

Yes, one of the better parts of the spanking party is the After Spanking Party Party, which is a very small and select after party with a few people, dance music, edible body oil and endless amounts of alcohol, which begins after everyone else is waved off and on their way back to their significant others.

We can’t put the pictures for that party on here as they’re a bit PG13 for your humble viewer, but lets just say it gets a little bit wild, clothes are normally discarded and I have been known to get out my floor to ceiling pole…. for pole dancing.

I’m suddenly not so tired anymore.

The washing up is always left till the next day… thank God for dishwashers.



st 11


Dommes in attendance: Mistress Penelope Cane (new), Temptress T (new), Head Girl Danielle

Brace yourselves boys……

As luck would have it. Three female members of the teaching staff at St Swisham’s Academy for Badly Behaved Young Men are now back in the classroom.
The women were accused – and have now been fully cleared – of disciplining their male students far too severely. Several parents filed complaints with the school, but after a long investigatory period, it has been established that the boys were just ….. being boys, and very bad ones at that!

The three women are now back with a vengeance!

First order of the day will be a uniform inspection, shirts had better be tucked in and shoes must be sparkling.
Throughout the day there will be three exams:
English – tested by Headmistress T
Geography –  tested by Headmistress Penelope Cane
History – tested by Head Girl Danielle H

Gone are the day of endless shenanigans. These mistresses are here to restore order into the school and bring back its good name.

As well as the above, the three women will also be dealing with the rather disturbing matter of school property being stolen, notably the headmaster’s canes.
We can only assume that this has been done as an act of tom foolery. The ground of the school have been swept and still the canes have yet to be found.

The young men in attendance will not be afforded the benefit of the doubt, it will be hard canings all round – with the newly purchased canes – until someone ‘fesses up!

Beware. The two Headmistresses will not be merciful!

Punishment guide:

Offence                                                    Punishment
Looking up Mistress’ skirt                6 of the best.with the cane

Admiring Mistress’ stockings         12 of the best with the cane

General Disobedience                        6 of strap

Insubordination                                   12 with the belt

Speaking when not spoken to          6 with the tawse

Rolling eyes                                            12 with the Hungarian paddle

Spilling food or drinks                        12 with the hairbrush

***Please note punishment length and intensity is up to Mistress’ discretion

Birthday Spanking Party – April 2017
…………………even more photos

Sore bottoms in the birthday girl and her friends.

Girls attending: Birthday Girl Danielle, Jenny Red, Jo Kane, Scarlett Sass, Josephine Scissons, Chloe, Danielle, Kandy

birthday party 20
Blowing out my candles

birthday party 21

birthday party 1   The blackboard of naughtiness

birthday party 2   Danielle over the knee on her birthday!

birthday party 17
Chloe – pink is for pain!

birthday party 4  Beautiful Jenny Red getting an over the knee paddling

birthday party 22
Chloe over the knee

birthday party 16
Bottoms and heels everywhere!

birthday party 23
The hell for leather brigade – Kandy and her flower power knickers!

birthday party 15
Jo Kane getting a leathering over the gym horse!

birthday party 18
Chloe holding one of the cake!

birthday party 19
Jo Kane bringing in the second cake!

birthday party 11
Beautiful Josephine Bending over for punishment

birthday party 12
An inaction shot of Kandy getting leathered!

birthday party 14
Jenny Red. One girl – two straps!

birthday party 7
Birthday girl’s warm red bottom

birthday party 13
Naughty Scarlett going hell for leather!

birthday party 9
Jenny Red taking the infamous ITC paddle

birthday party 8
Punishment coming from all angles

birthday party 10
Inaction shot of Jenny Red getting spanked! Hot!!!

birthday party 6
Scarlett over the gym horse!

Another year older an none the wiser!
Still getting into trouble and still needing to have her bottom spanked, it is Danielle’s birthday, yes her actual birthday. We are hoping that this year – finally – some disciplinarians can teach her and her no good friends a well needed lesson.

Danielle is under the assumption that she is having a ‘normal’ birthday party with cake and balloons. She couldn’t be more mistaken! The surprise will be the gentlemen who are going to discipline her and her no good friends for the entire afternoon.

We will have a huge amount of implements that you can use to chastise the naughty girls.

As the old adage goes, sharing is caring. Lets not forget to give a good amount of punishment to Danielle’s poorly behaved friends as well…. Scarlett Sass, Jenny Red and Josephine Scissons are we known to the naughty step.

Please join us for a day of fun and laughter, canings, cake and champagne, red bottoms, panties round knees and birthday beatings.

March Spanking Party 2017 – Bristol.

Sore bottoms in the stables! Equestrian themed spanking party.

Girls attending: Josephine Scissons, Chloe, Danielle, Kandy (new girl) 

party bris 7
Four beautiful horse riders
From left to right: Josephine, Danielle, Chloe, Kandi.

party bris 10
A real life Kandy crush!
Kandi on the bottom getting crushed!

bristol 4  bristol 3Danielle caning a naughty stablehand

party bris 4
Kandi about to receive a dose of the paddle across her reddened bottom.

bristol 2
Naughty girl bent over

bristol 56
Owwww that hurts!!!

bristol 5

party bris 9
It took us a few attempts to get this bit right

party bris 5Josephine modelling the Sports Direct Jodphurs.

party bris 1   Chloe bending over for punishment

party bris 3 Josephine punished for ‘horsing around’

party bris 8

Very sore!!!

From left to right: Josephine, Danielle, Kandi, Chloe

party bris 2
Chloe’s tighty whities

party bris 6
Josephine taking good care of her stables uniform

bristol 1

party bris 11   Chloe cropping Danielle’s bottom


Get your riding crops ready! The horse play comes to an end today! There shall be no more horsing around by the time these girls are finished being discipline!

As you can imagine, the managers at the Whippington Horse Stables were rather annoyed to get inundated with phone calls and emails complaining about the level of care afforded to their horses… Not long ago the Whippington Stables were winning prizes and acclaim for their quality of service to the horses and their riders.


It seems that the problem lies with a change of staff. Gone are the old stable hands and in their place are Josephine, Danielle, Chloe and Kandi.

It seems that they treat working at the stables as more of a hobby.

Not one of them has managed to come in 5 days a week, and when they are there, their minds seem to be elsewhere. Tales of hangovers and all night drinking parties seem to be taking priority over answering the phone to business enquiries.

The girls definitely look the part, with their tight fitting jodhpurs and their black leather boots, but more often than not they can be found sitting on bales of hay painting their nails… It simply won’t do.

The Whippington Stables have arranged for a ‘staff training day’ on Friday 10th March. It is the hope of the managers that a suitable group of like-minded disciplinarians will help get to the bottom {literally} of the problem so that order can be restored.

The managers have clubbed together to obtain an array of spanking implements, including riding crops and canes. It is with their agreement that these must be applied to the bare bottom of these young girls if the young girls have any chance of keeping their jobs.

February Spanking Party 2017 – 

Father Michael’s Spanking Confessional in the Rectory. Birmingham

Father Michael 
Brother Peter, Brother Mark
Mother Superior Danielle and Sister Chloe




party-nun-9Mother Superior responding to well to the corporal punishment


party-nun-13.jpgDanielle giving Chloe a “Religious Conversion” with the Hungarian Ruler Strap

party-nun-10Mother Theresa Danielle about to be spanked for wearing BANNED black silk panties and heels!

party-nun-5    party-nun-2
A firm caning for Chloe and Danielle – Hail Mary!



The Naughtiness score board, next to the Spank Me pants/

There has been a lot of trouble in the parish recently. A large amount of money has been taken from the collection box. No one knows exactly who has taken this, however the main culprits are Sister Chloe and Mother Superior Danielle.

As if this wasn’t bad enough,  the two women are also accused of partaking ‘ungodly acts’, the kind of which should not be mentioned on websites such as this……

Chloe and Danielle have been splashing the cash quite a lot recently. Designer shoes, designer handbags, and even brand new habits. 
The women have said that they have saved up for these themselves, however Father Michael thinks overwise.

Brother Peter is sure tat he saw Sister Chloe’s hand in the collection plate, so sure that he has gone to his tanner and asked him to prepare a number of leather straps in order to the beat a confession out of them. 

Father Michael has invited both women to a Saturday service and confession. Both women do not not realise that this confession will see them both bent over and receiving a number of swats on their bare backside. 

The Diocese is asking for male participants with a firm grasp of right and wrong to lend their services to the men of the cloth and help put these wicked women back on the right path. 

Please note that men attending this party must not be averse to crying, sore bottoms and Latin in order for these thieves to receive their penance and their soles to be cleansed of all their spankable sins.

Get your collars ready!

October 2016 Spanking Party – Naughty Witches.




party-halloween-10Chloe caning Witchy Danielle


party-halloween-2   party-halloween-3
Witch Chloe about to take the cane!


party-halloween-15  party-halloween-16

party-halloween-7    party halloween 6.jpg


Witchy Danielle







Tuesday 22nd and Friday 23rd September 2016
Back to School Spanking Party – Birmingham

Girls: Bad Bella, Rebellious Rebecca, Delinquent Danielle

Please click on the link to read the review of this party.

party-sep-2   party-sep-3

Silence for the strapping!

party-sep-10      party-sep-11
Smiling through the pain

Bella receiving the flogger!
party-sep-4   party-sep-5

Delinquent Danielle gets a firm spanking

party-sep-6   party-sep-1

party-sep-14Danielle flogging Bella

party-sep-12  party-sep-13
Time for the tawse!

Bella receiving a double spanking from the board of governors

Danielle giving Bella 6 of the best

Dear Sirs

As you will know, the beginning of the next school year is upon us. Last year, three female students caused quite a stir around the grounds of their exclusive private school.

There has already been a number of behavioural issues concerning Bella, Rebecca and Danielle, namely refusing not just to wear the school uniform but not wanting to wear any clothes at all. A group of female students have been caught running around campus in the nude late at night. There has also been several occasions of money and school equipment going missing. 

Last year, Rebecca was meant to be given a caning from the Headteacher in detention, he was shocked to discover that ALL of the school canes had mysteriously gone missing. The canes have yet to be located.
All three girls have yet to realise that larking around has to end sometime, as  you know, D’s and E’s wont translate into jobs…. They don’t seem to understand the importance of passing exams… or being polite…
Towards the end of last term these three reprobates roamed around the school in a pack, and developed a reputation for thieving, fighting and skipping lessons. Several bottles of alcohol was found in their lockers, it turns out that they were selling this onto other students. When asked about this, they exclaimed that she was “just doing what Alan Sugar would do”….

The parents of ALL three reprobates are steadfast in their view that the school must get a handle on them, so that they can go onto university and lead a criminality-free life.

The school needs some extra pairs of hands in order to implement its stern disciplinary code!
Read the review of this party b

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails


Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th August 2016

Prostate Cancer Charity Spanking Party

Girls attending: Chloe, Josephine Scissons, Lilac, Scarlett and Danielle


aug 13

aug 11

aug party 2

Sierra Exif JPEG

Sierra Exif JPEG

aug 1 6

aug party 4

aug party 6

aug 1 3aug 1 5

aug 1 1

aug 10

aug 12

aug 14

DSC_0090 dani

Girls  Scarlett {new girl, first EVER party}, Chloe, Josephine Scissons, Lilac, Danielle

This is possibly the most important spanking party of the year! Once a year, Danielle does a long distance walk in order to raise money for charity, this year the charity she is supporting is Prostate Cancer UK.


In 2014, Danielle raise £3,150.00 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association by completing a 20 mile walk. In 2015, Danielle raised £6,253.00 for The Brain Tumour Charity. Both are very good charities, this year she has chosen to help Prostate Cancer suffers and their families.

Please raise your spanking hands for a summer party to remember! Once again, ALL the proceeds from the two parties will be going to Prostate Cancer UK. It will be a day filled with spanking fun and games, with medals being given out for the hardest spanking, the most stylish spanking, the stingiest spanking, the most thoughtful spanking and so on!

N.B. Danielle will be completing  a 60 mile walk from Eastbourne, East Sussex to Arundel, West Sussex – across the South Downs, as part of the South Coast Challenge. This is to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK on Saturday 27th August. Please sponsor her so we can help beat Prostate Cancer


Pictures from 2015.  —-

charity (3) chart


To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails


Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th July 2016

The Spanking Olympics

Pictures coming soon!

Girls: Mia Collins, Lilac Rose and Danielle

The General Secretary has confirmed that the Spanking Olympics are being held in Birmingham, United Kingdom this year.

After Britain’s abysmal performance last year in the Olympics for spanking – coming LAST – it is imperative for public moral that Britain take home a gold medal in this category!
France, Germany and the USA have been unrelenting in their taunts, claiming that BRITISH MEN CANNOT SPANK.

Mia, Danielle an Lilac must not go unpunished!

As you can imagine, Great Britain’s failure is causing distress up and down the land. Therefore, the stipulation is that men attending this party MUST be the best of the best in spanking, anything less than a STING Red bottom that is HOT to the touch is simply not good enough.

We are seeking expert spankers who don’t need any encouragement taking down a woman’s panties and putting her across their knee. There must be the highest level of accuracy when applying implements to bare backsides.

Gentleman, PLEASE get in as much practice as you can for these sporting events by coming to our parties in the preceding months. The British public is relying on you to restore the glory in Great British Spanking, the BEST in the world.

Medals will be given for the best spankers, paddlers, slipperers and caners. Our judging panel are getting their score boards ready, an order for crisp white pants has been placed for what will truly be a spanking party to remember.



Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th April 2016

Birthday Spanking Party

Girls attending: Danielle {Birthday Girl!},
Rebecca {new spankee} Mia Collins {new spankee} and Bella

Please read the review of this party by clicking here

party-april-3  party-april-4party-april-5party-april-6party-april-7party-april-9  party-april-9a

Another year older an none the wiser! Still getting into ttrouble and still needing to have her bottom spanked, it is Danielle’s birthday. Two new paddles have been ordered for the occasion! We are hoping that some disciplinarians can ‘break’ them in!

Danielle is under the assumption that she is having a normal party with cake and balloons. She couldn’t be more mistaken! The cake will be served to the gentleman who are going to discipline her, and ensure that the actions of her and her friends improve this coming year!


As the old adage goes, sharing is caring. Lets not forget to punish Danielle’s poorly behaved friends as well. Rebecca is a new spankee and is joining us all the way from London, the big smoke. And yes, she smokes, she drinks…. she is a very bad influence on Danielle and other girls her age! Don’t fall for her sweet and innocent looks, this one needs a very warm bottom! A few stripes wouldn’t do any harm.

Bella is well known for causing trouble, it has not gone unnoticed that she has lead young Mia Collins {new spankee from Northern Spanking videos} astray. Bella and Mia seem to think the rules do not apply to them, and that they can get away with all sorts mischief!

All together these four girls are high on the list of the baddest girls in town!

Lets hope that this year, finally, Danielle can keep herself out of trouble!

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails


Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th March 2016

From Russia with Love Spanking Party

Girls attending: Jay Misbehaves {new spankee – first party}, Chloe and Danielle, Wynter.

party march 6 Wynter spanking Danielle

party march 3 Line up of the naughty bottoms!

party march 9 Ouch!

party march 17 Chloe, Jay and Danielle

party march 21
There is no point screaming, girl!

party march 11 Danielle spanking Wynter.

party march 1.jpg Danielle about to receive the cane.

party march 7  Wynter about to receive the thin whippy cane

party march 12 Inaction hand spanking on Wynter’s bottom!

party march 19a
Danielle receiving the cane from Jay

party march 20
Chloe taking 6 of the best!

party march 10.jpg King Alfie getting ready to swing the flogger!

party march 2 6 of the curled cane on the bare bottom!

party march 15
Wynter’s bottom on display!

party march 22
Danielle flogging Jay.

party march 18
Danielle receiving the curved double cane.

party march 23
Chloe taking the vintage brown senior dragon cane.

party march 14 Pants pulled down!

party march 8 About to receive 6 of the best!

party march 4 Senior dragon cane

party march 24.jpg

Beautiful black panties awaiting the cane.

party march 13
No one date cross Wynter

party march 5 Smiling through the pain!

party march 16 Danielle receiving the vintage  senior dragon cane.

More Pictures coming soon!

In a terrible blow for international relations, someone has SHOT Vladimir Putin. No one is claiming responsibility. Russia wants revenge.

MI6 have checked their records, and there was three British spies in the area at the time… not just any old spies, three female spies. All of them have denied being in the nearby area at the time. However CCTV evidence has come to light to show that not one, not two but all three women were in the area, and all were acting extremely suspiciously, as if they were on a secret mission.

MI6 is fairly sure that one of the three is responsible, but all are keeping quiet. We must find out who did it, at all costs. We will use all that is available to us in order to gain that confession – it goes without saying that these women are going to get a rather sore bottom indeed. The one who did it will receive some rather nice stripes as well!

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails




Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th February 2016

Great British Spank-off Spanking Party

Girls attending: Wynter, Bella and Danielle

Pictures coming soon!

The British public are reeling. How on earth could this happen? British has come last in the world’s most spectacular baking challenge. The mockery is too much to bear. Mary Berry is promising these girls a spanking they won’t forget too soon, even if that means bending them over and beating them with a cooker spoon herself

How on earth could Britain perform so awfully? A lot of blame lies on the shoulders of three women who competed. Wynter blames Angel for not turning the over on… and Angel blames Danielle for mixing up the sugar and the salt… No one is taking responsibility for starting the fight which  broke the oven, microwave, dishwasher and left a gaping hole in the sink. Either way, the British public has now voted to spank their bottoms until they’re thoroughly cooked!

No need for the red food dye… their bottoms will be bright red by the time you’re finished!

The total cost of all the damaged items is well into the thousands… the girls are saying they have no money. They have been offered the chance to ‘pay  it off’ with a spanking. With causing Britain to lose The Bake Off tile, and the broken kitchen items, the girl’s wont be able to sit down for weeks to come.





partyThursday 28th and Saturday 30th January 2016

The Fast and the Furious Spanking Party

Girls attending: Josephine, Tella and Danielle

party jan 10 Tella’s scrumptious little bottom!

party jan 1   About to receive a sound thrashing.

party jan 2  Twelve of the best with the new red paddle

party jan 11 Blushing bottom cheeks!

party jan 6.jpg The infamous ‘Danielle’ paddle in action.

party jan 15 Tella waiting in earnest.

party jan 4 Bending over for the cane

party jan 7 The beautiful Tella receiving the senior dragon cane.

party jan 3 Tella giving Danielle a sound spanking

party jan 5 Feeling the STING!

party jan 14 Tella begging for mercy!

party jan 9  party jan 8 Carpet beaten!

party jan 12.jpg  party jan 13  
Tella receiving the thin and whippy cane


Women these days just lack appreciation! Josephine Scissons, Tella and Danielle have been given rather nice presents for Christmas, nice new sports cars. As you know, sports cars don’t come cheap. You would think that these women would want to drive safely….


Well, their husbands aren’t happy to have paid £50,000 each for a pile of twisted metal. They are seething!

These women need to be taught a lesson, they have been spoiled for far too long. Holidays, shopping trips, spa days. They have never done a day’s work and today, things must change! As the old saying goes… spare the rod, spoil the brat.

The women have been invited along to what they believe to be a spa day, they do not realise they what is in store for them? They will be spanked, strapped, tawsed, slippered, belted… and that’s just before lunch – which they must cook.

Their husband’s have seen to it that the disciplinarians attending this party have serious implements [please look at our new implements on our Implements page!}, such as switches, riding crops, carpet beaters and canes… last but not least the wooden paddle so these women can truly find out how badly behaved they have been…..

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

partyThursday 10th and Saturday
12th December 2015

Santa’s Naughty Helpers Spanking Party

Girls attending: Amelie and Danielle

party dec 25
Line up of the two naughty bottoms

party dec 5

party dec 13
Lovely pink bottom!

party dec 6
Smiling despite the pain

party dec 18 Bottoms up!

party dec 11
Hand on bottom!

party dec 15

Christmas Spankings over two knees!

party dec 1
Amelie over the knee

party dec 19
Amelie being caned by Danielle

party dec 26
The two terrors.

party dec 21

Danielle receiving the cane.

party dec 3
Inaction shot of Danielle spanking Amelie

party dec 14

party dec 27.jpg
Having a good squeeze!

party dec 20.jpg STING!

party dec 22
Danielle trembling as she awaits her cane strokes

party dec 7

party dec 9
A nice game of spanking twister.

party dec 17


party dec 2
Some lovely red legs

party dec 24
Amelie is a hard taskmaster.

party dec 12
All hands on board!

party dec 4
Inaction bare bottom spanking

party dec 23
Amelie laying on 6 of the best!

party dec 16.jpg
Preparing for 6 of the best

Santa has had quite a problem this year! There are millions upon millions of presents to be wrapped and delivered to the trees of people all across the world… he is rushed off of his feet.

Unfortunately, the agency staff he has hired aren’t as eager to please. Amelie and Danielle are more trouble than they’re worth most days….they show up to work late, and that’s on the days they even bother showing up. They do far less work than the other staff. Recently, a very expensive present went missing and was found in the bag belonging to one of these three reprobates.

Now this could simply be by chance…. accidents do happen. But when the EXACT same thing happened the next day… Father Christmas saw what was going on. As you know, expensive mobile phones aren’t easy to replace. Father Christmas cannot afford for this to keep on happening!

He is not at all happy, but he is far too busy to do anything about it. What Father Christmas needs is a group of disciplinarians prepared to take these very selfish women to task over their poor behaviour. Father Christmas has encountered the occasional slacking worker before – though never this bad – he found that a dose of corporal punishment – given out whilst laid over the knee and bent down touching toes is most effective…. especially when its topped off with 6 of the best cane strokes on the bare bottom.

Father Christmas would rather not involve the police – it is Christmas after all – he doesn’t want to see anyone go to jail, he simply wants to see these women working as hard as the other helpers… and not stealing… and showing up on time!
What is more fitting than a rosey red bottom at Christmas? It is the season of giving after all.

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Stinging Tails



Thursday 26th and Saturday
28th November 2015

Naughty Maids Spanking Party

Girls attending: Wynter, Danielle, and Angel {new spankee – first party}

partyoct16 Introducing the bottoms!

partyoct8 Angel getting a good dose of OTK

partyoct12 Wynter receiving a dose of the hairbrush.

partyoct7 Getting a good tanning over the knee

partyoct17 A bit of warmth there already!

partyoct21 She shouldn’t be smiling!


partyoct18 So good you could eat it!

partyoct11 Lovely firm bottom

partyoct9 Angel’s glowing red bottom

partyoct31.jpg Cane ’em good. Cane ’em hard!

partyoct22 Sticking her tongue out earnt her an extra dozen

partyoct10 Waiting for more punishment

partyoct1 Receiving a caning from Angel

partyoct20 Down with those pants!

partyoct19 It’s not over yet!

partyoct28 Danielle caning Wynter

partyoct13 Angel getting ready for her caning.

partyoct14 Close up

partyoct4 Wynter laying on 6 firm strokes

partyoct27 Angel caning Wynter

partyoct15 *swish*

partyoct23 Admiring the beauty

partyoct30.jpg A nice way to warm up on a cold winter’s day

partyoct5 Finally getting a good rub!

partyoct26 Very hot bottom

partyoct3 Why is it me who keeps getting caned?

partyoct24 Inaction shot

partyoct25 Wynter receiving 6 of the best

partyoct2 Inaction shot
Bracing myself. OUCH!

partyoct6 All smiles after my beating

Wynter, Danielle and Angel have been causing their employer no end of trouble! They have been sent by a cleaning agency to work at Whippington Manor, and their boss is the mighty Lord.
He is not at all happy, the Manor is falling to pieces, dust is everywhere! Dirty dishes are stacked high in the sink. When the girls bother to show up {not a frequent occurrence} they spend the day making full use of the facilities. It goes without saying that after each ‘visit’, several empty wine bottles are left behind.

If that wasn’t enough, things have now started to go missing. First of all it started with food, then small change left in coat pockets. The Lord has checked the CCTV, and he thinks that the three figures dressed in black who made off with a very expensive gold vase in the middle of the night was none other than Wynter, Danielle and Angel.
But they all had alibis…. or so they say. They spent the evening ‘cleaning’ their maid’s outfit.

The Lord would rather not involve the police, he simply wants his belongings – and cheque book – returned to him. £5000.00 has gone missing from his account since the three reprobates began working. The Lord is a FIRM believer in the benefits of corporal punishment. He thinks a sore bottom is the cure that is needed, and why not use this as an opportunity to test out his extensive belt collection!

As the Lord is a very busy man, he is looking for disciplinarians to come to the Manor and punish these three women until they have learnt a lesson!

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails


Tuesday 10th November 2015

****Femdom Spanking and CP Party.****

– Revenge of the females –



Quite recently, a group of women were condemned for being witches. They were spanked, strapped, tawsed, slippered, flogged, belted and caned. Even after this, they refused to admit that they were witches. Afterwards, more information came to light to prove their innocence. It seems that the men of the village had taken great pleasure seeing the womenfolk punished for a witchery they did not commit.

These women are now hellbent on revenge!

All the men that spanked them and embarrassed them are going to receive the same treatment they suffered. The wife of the leather tanner is working non stop to deliver a shipment of implements to inflict maximum pain on these men!

Make no mistake, the men who attend this party are going to well and truly brought to justice! These men need punishing, and what better than a bare bottom spanking. Their bottoms must be bright red, and they must be thoroughly chastised.

Last but by no means least, the men will not be able to leave without first receiving a caning, just to ensure they will behave in future!

The Spanking Party entails play in front of other men, as well as one-to-one sessions with both of the female spankers in private rooms.


upl9 (1)

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

Halloween Spanking Party.

Thursday 29th and Saturday 31st October


Girls attending: Bella, Wynter, Danielle

Party oct 1 Wynter getting a firm hand spanking

partysep42 Bella enjoying 6 of the very best!

Party Oct 3 A paddling like no other

Party Oct 9 New implement. Ace of Spades paddle

Party Oct 2 Ooo that hurts

Party Oct 10 What a stingy crop!

Party Oct 4 Ooooo I can still feel the sting!

Party Oct 6 Waiting for it… Party Oct 7 The new implement. Saddlecraft Jump Bat. We love!

Party Oct 8 Just about managing to smile through the pain.

Party Oct 12 The fantastic Saddlecraft Jumpbat

Party Oct 13 Inaction shot of the Northamptonshire Spanking Paddle

Party Oct 14 Good girls do as they are told

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails





Thursday 24th and Saturday 26th September 2015.

Back to School Spanking Party

Girls Attending: Danielle, Amelie, Jessica and Bella {new spankee}

partysep28 Headmistress Amelie getting a taste of her own medicine.

partysep35 First attempt at our human bottom pyramid.

partysep1 Danielle getting spanked by Headteacher Miss Amelie

partysep40 Lovingly pulling down a girl’s panties…bliss!

partysep31 4 of the naughtiest girls around!

partysep37 Bite the cane that kisses your naughty bottom

partysep25 Bella getting put through her paces! Look at that glowing bottom!

partysep36 The top bottom is very red!

partysep41 Inspecting a delightful bottom.

partysep42 Bella enjoying 6 of the very best!

partysep3 Leave me alone Miss!

partysep32 Sore bottoms up close!

partysep27 You can beg and plead and scream all you want!

partysep33 Such a hot bottom!

partysep26 Pain for someone else’s pleasure!

partysep38 The best detention class ever!

partysep24 Just look at that sore bottom!

partysep29 Bella nervously awaiting the cane!

partysep34 We just can’t keep out hands {and paddles} off!

partysep30 Bella receiving 6 of the best!


**********The Aftermath**********

Bella’s bruised bottom


Miss Amelie’s bottom

IMG_5889 IMG_5890

Wynter, Danielle, Jessica and Bella have just began the new school year full of hope…. they are going back to their old stomping ground. They are sure to cause their teachers and peers headaches. Last year the girls engaged in a number of offences; thieving, fighting, and would you believe drinking alcohol on school grounds. The girls consider correct uniform a bit of a joke….

All three girls are very intelligent, which makes their decision to be ever-present members in detention even worse. All three are proving to be a distraction for the rest of the students, the teachers do not know how much more they can
put up with.

Their teachers are sure of one thing, a good dose of discipline is needed on their bare bottoms!
It seems that the blame for their behaviour lies squarely on their teacher – Miss Amelie – who has not punished them enough during the previous school years. Because of this, she will also be receiving a punishment for letting her students fun amok.

The girls and their teacher Miss Amelie are going to receive a hard hand spanking, followed by a dose of implements. The headmasters will then cane the naughty schoolgirls… don’t worry Miss Amelie will receive an extra hard dose. The girls should be tearful. Punishment is not complete until they have trouble sitting down.


Good pantie lowering – bottom reddening – cane stripping fun

To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

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