Back to school spanking party in North London.


Friday 13th October 2017.

Girls attending: Brand new girls Mia Weldon and Lemony Cordell, alongside Danielle Hunt.

Location. Waltham Cross, North London.

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party mia 2      Mia Weldon

Just when you thought the naughty school girls couldn’t get any worse. Last year’s Headmaster, and a number of the teaching staff at St Swisham’s Academy took ‘early retirement’. In actual fact, they couldn’t stand any more nonsense from three naughty school girls who ran amok last year.

party mia 1     Lemony Cordell


We didn’t mean to steal other pupil’s homework, Sir

We didn’t mean to skip class, Sir

We don’t know where our regulation knickers have gone, Sir.

We didn’t mean to be late for detention, Sir…….

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This year, a new set of male teachers have began teaching at St Swisham’s Academy, and first order of the day is to address some very obvious disciplinary problems with these three girls. It doesn’t matter how much these Mia, Lemony and Danielle want to whinge and pout, they will be taught how to behave, even if that means employing some very stern and severe measures, including corporal punishment.

party mia 4   Mia Weldon

Lemony is pointing the finger at Mia, and Mia is pointing the finger at Danielle. All three have spent ample time in detention and show no real sign of changing their ways.

It’s a good job that the new teachers thought ahead and ordered some straps and canes, should such an instance of insubordination occur. St. Swisham’s Academy cannot afford to let its good name go down the toilet due to these three trouble makers. A sore bottom will do these girls no harm, especially if it makes them behave.

party lemory 3  Lemony Cordell

We hope to see you for a day of school girl spanking fun. How much spanking the girls get is directly related to their bad behaviour…. So please be prepared for a long afternoon and some sore hands righting the wrongs of these miscreants!
This party is from 12pm to 4.30pm
Guests are encouraged to arrive at 11.30am.

party mia 3   Mia Weldon

Waltham Cross Venue information:

The Back to School Spanking Party will be held in the fabulous Whipstock Grange School Room in Waltham Cross, North London, this will be our third party in this location.

Whipstock Grange is a fantastically decorated school room with authentic school regalia and lots of stingy implements, you may have seen this in the Rhianna Parsons spanking video series on http://www.firmhandspanking.com as well as http://www.wellsmackedseat.com

Over the gym horse we go!




To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £180.00 to attend.