Welcome to the BRAND NEW Stinging Tails Spanking Party website!


Hopefully you are here because you want to put a sting in someone’s tail. Please have a look throughout the website and read about all the fun we have at Stinging Tails Spanking Parties.



website 11Every month, through sheer bad luck, we have a variety of women who pass through our doors needing a good spanking. Stinging Tails Spanking Party was set up in order to correct this problem, so that young women with poor behaviour and bad track records can be spanked and then go on and live well-behaved lives.

Some girls NEED spanking, some girls WANT spanking, and it is your job to ensure that by the end of the day, their bottoms are soundly punished and displaying a nice red glow.


We hope to see you at a party soon.



website 12

Stinging Tails Spanking Party


07763 870 589


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