faq1How often do the Stinging Tails Spanking Parties take place?

The parties take place twice a month, on Thursdays and Saturdays

Can I take photos at the parties to remember all the spanking fun?

Photography is only permitted at certain parts of the party. This is of the female guests only.

What kind of food is served at the party?

During the summer the food served is generally barbecue {burgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad} etc. Throughout the rest of the year the food is Roast Dinner {chicken and/or beef with all the trimmings}. A more special menu is available for Christmas – courtesy of Saint Nic. Dessert is available also. All the parties are specially catered for. There is a vegetarian meal offered at every party {usually pasta} The food is included in the price of the party

Can I bring a female play guest to the party?


What time do the parties start and end?

The parties begin promptly at 1pm and finish at 5.30. Guests are encouraged to arrive anytime after 12.30pm to ensure the party begins on time. Guests may stay after 5.30pm for snacks and for a chit chat with the female guests

Can I suggest a theme for an upcoming party?

Yes, we love different themes!

How many men are there to women?

The parties are very strictly 2 men to 1 woman. This means that there is maximum spanking and less waiting, unlike other parties where there is a higher amount of men to fewer women.

How many guys attend the average party?

There are 10 spaces for males at each party {so book quick!}, however most parties are smaller than this.

Do females spank other females at the party?


faq2Is there a chance to switch during the party?

Yes. I couldn’t imagine walking home with a cold bottom! Lucky for you there is.

Switching takes place during the private 1-1 round, this is just after lunch. All of the male guests get to do a private 1-1 round with each of the women in a private room away from the party.

Each of the rooms has an assortment of implements, but if you are receiving a spanking you are allowed to bring your own implements if you so choose.

…Hold on a minute, I am strictly a male Dom and don’t want to switch Then there is no need to worry as the switching is optional and not mandatory. During the private 1-1 round you may carry on dishing out more spankings. You are allowed to use implements also.

Can I bring my own implements?

Yes, though we do have an amply supply.

Is alcohol served at the parties?

Red wine, white wine and beer is served during the party. This is included in the price of the party.

Do the girls get naked?


Are there any sexual services available at the party?

No, so please don’t ask.

But I really get turned on and cannot have spanking without sex.

Sorry, this is not the party for you. All the girls come here just for a sore bottom.

I am very nervous about the prospect of being around other men. Should I come?

Yes. Every man has been in your position at one time or another. Going to your first party can be a very nerve-racking experience, however all of the attendees share your interest – and we don’t bite!

What themes do you have at the party?

Disobedient School girls who must be punished by angry headmasters, Sloppy Secretaries and overworked managers Naughty nurses and senior doctors,Thieving French maids. Poor Policewomen Bad Girls, like the TV show, bad inmates.

faq3I cannot get to the party for 1pm, can I arrive later?

Yes you may, 6 spankings for being late!

I have never done a private 1-1 before. What happens?

During this round, you can get to know the girls a little bit better in private. You can choose to carry on spanking the girls, or switch. You can use implements {excluding the cane on the girls, the caning round is afterwards}. You may decide you want to do a role play with the girls.
The sky is the limit.

I understand that there is Males spanking female at the party, but is there any male on male spanking?


Why should I come to the Stinging Tails Spanking Party?

Because you would be MAD not to.

Coming to Stinging Tails means you will get to meet new spankees {we have a lot of girls attend who have never done spanking parties before}, we also have girls who have appeared in spanking films in attendance….

How can you pass on the chance to spank your one your favourite spanking stars? We also have girls attending from other parts of the country who you may not have had the chance to meet. The party is also fun, so whether you have come along from a meeting or just been on a train for five hours, you are guaranteed to have fun.
Everything is taken care of. Sit back, relax, and spank a few bottoms… what is better than that?

Is there free parking available?

Yes, free parking is available nearby

faq4How do I book a place at a party?

Please get in touch by email – stingingtails@hotmail.com or by ringing 07763 870 589



I have a question that is not answered here, how can I get the answer I so sorely need?

Please get in touch by email – stingingtails@hotmail.com or by ringing 07763 870 589



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