Danielle, October 2017

Lots of beautiful new implements to punish bottoms!

implement 15


implement 17.jpg
The faux fur bum tickler

implement 18aimplement 18b
Thuddy size 11 gym slipper.

implement 21
Red fabric flogger. Perfect for back whipings!

implement 19
Black paddle

implement 25
Wooden handled leather paddle. VERY PAINFUL!!! Beware.

implement 24a
implement 24b
Double sided leather faux-fur paddle.

implement 26b

implement 26a
3/4 length cane. For punishing the naughtiest of bottoms.

implement 20
Cock handled felt flogger

implement 16

implement 16a
Rose printed paddle.

implement 28
Very painful black cane.

implement 22
Stingy thin wooden paddle.

implement 23a
implement 23b.jpg
Double sided leather and faux fur paddle

implement 27a.jpg
Butterfly shaped riding crop. Very stingy!

implement 29a
Extremely thick belt.

Danielle, July 2017

topsit (1 of 1).jpg

So recently it has been non-stop spanking fun. NON STOP!

Last month I went abroad on holiday and it was soooo hot, so hot that I thought I would melt. The food was great, the scenary was great, the people was great… it was just too hot. Being typical Danielle, all my luggage weight was books, both fiction and non fiction. I took 8 but only enjoyed 2 of them.

I drank lots of cocktails, but the party didn’t stop there. As you will read from below, its been one massive spank-fest that is sure to continue.

From that moment onwards it has been go go go. I am forward and backwards to London every other day. I have also been going to the gym lots to prepare for my 60 mile walk at the end of August for the Lymphoma Association. I am very nervous and the time seems to be going so quickly.

topstairs (1 of 1).jpg
Owwww that hurts. Please sir don’t. My bottom is really sore. Please have mercy……

For the past few weeks I have had quite a few new girls contact me asking to come along to the parties, which is nice. I always encourage new faces, which brings us to the topic of Marta, who is a new girl and came along to the party last week. She was magnifique!!!! We will definitely be having her again.


The day after I landed back in the country, it began with a spanking private party to celebrate Mistress Penelope’s birthday, this included lots of beatings for an unlucky someone. Temptress T was along the fun also, and it was great catching up.

Then the next day I got an invitation to a rather unusual spanking party, at a 5* hotel in London. It was one man versus seven girls, including myself. All I was told was to bring as many spanking implements as I can, and a bikini for the hot tub.

Lets face it, if you are working your bollocks off in the Middle East, all tax free, and you come back to London for a weekend, you are going to want to live it large…. and trust me, everything was large.

It goes without saying that we had a long long night, and I will give details about it shortly. it was a night full of debeauchery and craziness, with a lot of Wolf of Wall Street overtones and over 20 phone calls to room service.

Image result for wolf of wall street office party strippers Image result for wolf of wall street office party strippers

The next morning, it was like looking at a disaster zone. Clothes, shoes, underwear, implements, champagne bottles, food trays… and other disgarded items EVERYWHERE. It was like clean up ground zero. Somehow, and I don’t quite know how, an 8 inch flesh – coloured dildo made its way into my bag. I only discovered it when I got home.
If anyone knows who the rightful owner is…. please get in touch.

In amongst all the ‘oh Gosh my head hurts from all the drinking last night’, ‘oh gosh my bum hurts’, ‘where is my other shoe?’ I had forgotten that later that day, I was running a spanking party at home in Birmingham… and so on the spankings go. It was a mad dash to the train station to get the train back home in time for the party to begin.

It is really hard to stay awake for 36 hours solid….


 One of the naughty slaves at the party

Party Party Party. Then there was the Femdom spanking party in Birmingham with Mistress Penelope Cane. Unfortunately there was a bit of a catastrophe! One of the implements met an untimely end. Yes, I was wealding ‘double sided extra thick ping pong bat paddle’ when disaster struck. I must have hit someone a bit too hard and it broke……. Scratch that, I was beating one of the men severely hard and it broke.
Instead of giving it a Christian burial I just threw it out in the trash.

implement 7   implement 6
Double sided extra thick ping-pong bat paddle.

Image result for rip

But as the saying goes.. out with the old and in with the new.

After the party I got an impromptu message from someone I hadn’t seen in over two years, maybe even three years.

What do you do when you’re an Englishman, living in Australia, back in England on a holiday and you have just one evening to spare?…  You ring Danielle Hunt of course.

(Not the exact cane, but you get the idea….)Deskrear (1 of 1).jpg

(Not the exact cane, but you get the picture)

After the necessary re-introductions it was straight down to business:
Clothes off.
Bend over
Stick that bottom out.
You are going to get it…. Hard

new pics (5).jpg  Like my tan?1?!?

After the session, where I was absolutely thrashed, I had to hear all about how Customs and Excise had tightened up at Sydney Airport, and its apparently ‘no longer advisable’ to travel with spanking implements, particularly 30 inch canes. I can’t say I had that problem on my trip down under….

pch Sydney, Australia

I said that I could happily give the cane a new home.
So here it is,

Do believe me when I say it HURTS! The horizontal lines on my bottom think it hurt too!

implement 12

implement 13    implement 14

Now I better get my diary out so I can plan some more parties!




Danielle. April 2017

Just like North Korea, in recent times I have made concerted efforts to my stockpile of weapons.
Image result for north korea weaponry

Image result for kim jong un
Who needs weapons of mass destruction when you can make do with weapons of Ass destruction……

implement 2

implement 1
The Holy trinity of canes

Black – The Holy Father      – The Beech Bruiser from
Red – The Holy Son
Purple – The Holy Spirit
implement 5
implement 4
Small brown leather Quality Control Strap


implement 3

implement 9

Very heavy size 13 gym slipper.

House of Eros Leather Old School Ruler

implement 8
Brand Spanking New House of Eros Leather Ruler Stra


implement 2implement 1Saddlecraft jumpbat blue riding crop.
This is to match my red crop.



implement 9
Double sided Ace of spades fur / leather paddle


implement 3   implement 4

The Godfather i, ii and iii of riding crops



implement 10
Old fashioned school ruler whip.
To tackle naughtiness and disc


implement 6

implement 7
An early morning wake up call with a selection of three canes – courtesy of

implement 11
Very thick black leather .



implements 1.jpg

At Stinging Tails, we ♥ Implements

We have lots of implements to help naughty young women learn their lessons… not only that but we are constantly adding to our ever expanding collection!

We have straps, tawses, slippers, riding crops, belts, hairbrushes, wooden and leather paddles, wooden spoons, wooden rulers, carpet beaters…. and 15 lovely canes to choose from. This includes junior, senior and dragon canes.

We love traditional domestic implements, and the more unusual finds.

We buy implements from several implement makers from the UK, America and Canada; such as M C Customs / McCampbell of Renfrewshire, Coventry Canes, Ouch, Quality Control, Dressmaker {notable eBay seller}, London Tanners, ITC-Mag, SpankingUK. IdbiDesign {notable eBay Seller}, Vibra Fun Products, Leather Bound, Spank.Inc

Our new implements have ** after them

Please browse out collection!

implements 2



For girls who need a bit of discipline:

implement 83
Leather Bound Black Reformatory Single-Tail Strap


implement 32
Black Crocodile leather studded strap.
Leaves you with a really sharp bite!


implement 1
Brand new vintage Bettie Page Spanking Paddle **


implement 9
Thin and stingy brown belt.
You’ll be wishing you had remembered to bring your homework.


implement 11
Three layered studded strap.
Three times the whack!


 implement 2
Pink XOXO Spanking paddle
Pink to make the boys wink


implement 14
Black Heart Paddle.
Because we spank and discipline with love!

implement 51
Long black leather strap.


implement 37a implement 37b
The ‘Danielle’ Paddle
Ensuring that Danielle’s naughty bottom behaves.


implement 33
Stiff Brown leather belt….
Ideal for a real firm belting.

implement 54
Hand-carved Leather ‘Danielle’ Spanking Paddle


implement 16
Wooden spoon.
Ideal for mischief originating in the kitchen.


implement 29
Well worn brown leather belt!


implement 47
Red Ping Pong bat


implement 41
Leather-handled flogger
For putting a sting in the tail of naughty girls.


implement 57.jpg
Red leather paddle!
Red paddle red bottom

implement 42
Saddlecraft Jumpbat Riding Crop
Very noisy!


implement 17
Dark brown leather paddle.


implement 18.jpg
Black leather strap.
Looks may be deceiving with this one.


McCustoms McCampbell  Renfrewshire brown leather strap **


implement 34c
implement 34b   implement 34a
Elica – Made in England – professional horse riding crop
To ensure she really does jump!


implement 21
Thick plastic spoon
For whipping up a stir!


implement 22
Red 75-tail felt flogger
Covers a very large area and makes a tremendous sound


implement 27.jpg
Large black ITC paddle
Best applied when girl’s have their hands on heads and nose’s In The Corner


implement 28a
implement 28b implement 28c
Professional Riding Crop.
Bottoms are just as good as horseback riding.




For girls who need a lot of discipline:

implement 39
Very painful hairbrush!


‘LD’ Thick Double-sided prison style strap, for heavy duty discipline.

implement 7
Ridged reverse of prison strap.
implement 19
Long-handled black leather flogger
Best used on Friday’s

implement 46
Heavy black studded leather strap
An educational aide.

implement 12
Extra thick dark brown hairbrush. To ensure a scream!


implement 24.jpg
Deceptively thick and inflexible black leather hand-shaped paddle.


implement 13
Stingy brown wooden-handle leather flogger.


implement 23
Two tail stingy black leather tawse. {VERY stingy indeed!}


For girls who need to be striped for days to come:


implement 55
Antique Dark Brown Smoked Dragon Cane


Lovely Carpet Beater
Spare the rod, spoil the brat


implement 10bimplement 10a
Very stingy cane.
Will instantly put a stop to poor behaviour

86 cm long. 34″ long
1cm thick. 10mm thick

implement 45
Very heavy wooden paddle
{with a layer of felt on the back}

implement 48a
implement 48b
Extremely hard cane
79cm / 31 inches long

1cm 10mm thick


implement 15a

implement 15b
Thick Headmaster’s cane
This cane will ensure six crisp red lines

80 cm long. 31.5″ long
1.3cm thick. 13mm thick

implement 4a
implement 4b
Extra Stingy Birch!


implement 20a

implement 20

Very stingy cane.
Small in length ensures accuracy

74cm / 29 inches long
0.8cm   8mm thick.


implement 25b

implement 25a
Thin Stingy Cane
To ensure there is a sting in your tail.

74cm / 29″ long
1cm / 10mm thick


implement 26a

implement 26b implement 26c
Twisted wooden-handled cane
Leaves lovely circular marks on the bottom cheeks

62cm 24″ long
2cm thick

implement 36a
implement 36
Extra Painful Straight Cane
Guaranteed to tame any brat.

84cm / 33 inches long
0.9cm / 9mm thick


implement 30b

implement 30a

Thuddy Headmaster’s cane.
Make sure you have got your school shirt tucked in. 

83cm / 33″ long
1.3cm 13mm thick


implement 38b
implement 38a

Extremely Thick Cane
61cm / 24 inches long
1.5cm 15mm thick


implement 31b

implement 31a
Exceptionally Painful Looped Cane
Painfully cruel! For the naughtiest of young ladies, who have not responded to previous behaviour modification attempts.

73cm / 29 inches long
1cm 10mm thick.

implement 43b
implement 43
Extremely thin and whippy cane
80cm / 31 inches long
0.8cm 8mm thick



To book your place please email or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails



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