In 2017 we will be having many exciting parties in both Birmingham and Bristol on both Thursdays and Saturdays.

These parties will feature all the beautiful bottoms as well as some new girls, we will also be holding a series of Femdom parties in both locations.

We will also be having parties in our specialist school room. Get ready to bend over the Headmaster’s desk – please watch this space for more details and pictures.

Join us in 2017, and spank us with our brand SPANKING new implements shipped from Canada, as well as a new set of canes from Malaysia.
Let the fun begin!

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August 2017


Saturday 19th and Thursday 24th August 2017

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DSC_7840  DSC_7848

Girls  Chloe, Josephine Scissons, Danielle and Girls TBA

It’s that time of year again. Gosh … hasn’t the time flown by!

Once a year, Danielle does a long distance walk in order to raise money for charity. Last year it was for Prostate Cancer UK, and in total just over £3,500.00 was raised. A big thank you for everyone who supported Danielle and wished her luck on her 60 mile walk. Not to mention those that rubbed her blistered feet after the walk!


But now she is doing it again… for the Lymphoma Association.

The reason that Danielle has chosen to support the Lymphoma Association this year is because a good friend of her’s named Peter, who is also a regular at the spanking parties, is battling this illness for the second time. Pete is fighting hard against this illness, and has a team of fantastic doctors, nurses and specialists who are going to extra mile to make sure that this is the last time he battles this illness. The illness makes life very difficult for him, and effects just about everything that he does.


charity medal 2016  Danielle’s medal for completing the South Coast Challenge, walking 60 miles from Eastbourne, East Sussex, to Arundel Castle, West Sussex.


However, the cost of his treatment is valued at above £360,000.00. That is a huge amount of money, and as we all know that in recent times, government cutbacks mean that vital services are being increasingly reliant on charities to fill the gaps – this includes very serious illnesses, such as lymphoma.

race finish  Danielle at the finish line just before she got her medal.


This is now the fourth annual walk that Danielle is doing for charity. She has been spending a lot of time recently walking and going to the gym.
In 2014, Danielle raise £3,150.00 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association by completing a 20 mile walk. In 2015, Danielle raised £6,253.00 for The Brain Tumour Charity. In 2016, Danielle raised £3,500.00 for Prostate Cancer UK.

race finish 3 - Copy   Danielle with her medal and champagne.

Joining us for all the fun will be bad girl Chloe. The party is going to be very special as we will be celebrating Chloe’s birthday. Another year older and none the wiser I should add!



Chloe has no need to doubt the spanking prowess of the men at the party… however that doesn’t keep her out of trouble. This young lady desperately needs a spanking that will set her straight!


charity 1  aug 1 3  Josephine.

Another bad girl joining us will be Josephine Scissons. Many men have failed to tame this reprobate, but hopefully a good hand spanking, strapping, tawsing and caning might get her to behave better…. once and for all!

Spanking for a good cause… how can you say no.



Once again, ALL the proceeds from the two parties will be going to the Lymphoma Association. It will be a day filled with spanking fun and games.


N.B. Danielle will be completing  a 60 mile walk from Eastbourne, East Sussex to Arundel, West Sussex – across the South Downs, as part of the South Coast Challenge. This is to raise funds for the Lymphoma Association UK {registered charity details below} on Saturday 26th August. Please sponsor her so we can all help beat it.



This spanking will take place on Saturday 19th and Thursday 24th August 2017

Time: 1 – 5.30pm

Girls: Josephine, Chloe, Danielle and GIRLS TBA

Location: Birmingham

OBJECTIVE!!!!: Spanking for a good cause

Implements: Hand, slipper, strap, paddle, tawse, ruler, flogger, carpet beater, riding crop, and a selection of canes.


This party costs £160.00 to attend.


Prostate Cancer Party 2016.

To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589. (No withheld numbers)


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South Coast Challenge information:

The Lymphoma Association Charity information:
Charity event co-ordinator Ms. Adele Matthews – A.Matthews@lymphomas.org.uk
The Lymphoma Association is a registered charity in England and Wales (1068395) and in Scotland (SC045850).
A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (number 03518755).

Lymphoma Association, 3 Cromwell Court, New Street, Aylesbury, P20 2PB. 
Admin line 01296 619 400 





September 2017

Back to School Spanking Party

Friday 8th September 2017 in Bristol.





wheel   cane

(Picture from last year’s Back to School spanking party)

Who ever could have thought that four young ladies could cause so much trouble? Chloe, Kandy, Rebecca and Danielle are back in detention again. They have been fighting in the class room again, this is after they were caught graffiting the school toilets – Mr Jones is a C**T.

Absolutely awful language, and absolutely awful behaviour from girls who just don’t care. The girls think its funny to get a line of D’s and E’s on their end of year reports for the last academic year. The food fights in the dinner hall were one thing…. but this troublesome bunch have also been caught placing one another across the knees and smacking one another’s bottoms, trying to see if they can hit harder than Headmaster. Unbelievable.

They are totally irresponsible and bring the school uniform into disrepute.


What is needed is an unmovable board of governors who won’t be taken in by threse four reprobates batting their eyelids and promising to stay out of trouble. We need men who are going to ensure that they get to the ‘bottom’ of the problem.

So get your canes out gentlemen!

We will be bringing out big array of implements to Bristol for the day, and our bottoms, for a long day of spanking fun.

implements 1


This party is from 12pm to 4.30pm on Friday 8th September 2017 in Bristol.

Guests please arrive for 11.30am so we can begin promptly at 12pm. Extra canings for lateness.

birthday party 23   birthday party 12  Kandy

birthday party 16   birthday party 17   Chloe

party-sep-5   party-sep-1  Rebecca

bristol 56   birthday party 8   Danielle


To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £180.00 to attend.






Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.


Related image

October 2017

Friday 13th October 2017.

Back to school spanking party in North London.

Girls attending: Brand new girls Mia Weldon and Lemony Cordell, alongside Danielle Hunt.

Location. Waltham Cross, North London.

edited 9


party mia 2      Mia Weldon

Just when you thought the naughty school girls couldn’t get any worse. Last year’s Headmaster, and a number of the teaching staff at St Swisham’s Academy took ‘early retirement’. In actual fact, they couldn’t stand any more nonsense from three naughty school girls who ran amok last year.

party mia 1     Lemony Cordell


We didn’t mean to steal other pupil’s homework, Sir

We didn’t mean to skip class, Sir

We don’t know where our regulation knickers have gone, Sir.

We didn’t mean to be late for detention, Sir…….

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_SavedImages_untitled(6)    C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_school_uni   Danielle

This year, a new set of male teachers have began teaching at St Swisham’s Academy, and first order of the day is to address some very obvious disciplinary problems with these three girls. It doesn’t matter how much these Mia, Lemony and Danielle want to whinge and pout, they will be taught how to behave, even if that means employing some very stern and severe measures, including corporal punishment.

party mia 4   Mia Weldon

Lemony is pointing the finger at Mia, and Mia is pointing the finger at Danielle. All three have spent ample time in detention and show no real sign of changing their ways.

It’s a good job that the new teachers thought ahead and ordered some straps and canes, should such an instance of insubordination occur. St. Swisham’s Academy cannot afford to let its good name go down the toilet due to these three trouble makers. A sore bottom will do these girls no harm, especially if it makes them behave.

party lemory 3  Lemony Cordell

We hope to see you for a day of school girl spanking fun. How much spanking the girls get is directly related to their bad behaviour…. So please be prepared for a long afternoon and some sore hands righting the wrongs of these miscreants!
This party is from 12pm to 4.30pm
Guests are encouraged to arrive at 11.30am.

party mia 3   Mia Weldon

Waltham Cross Venue information:

The Back to School Spanking Party will be held in the fabulous Whipstock Grange School Room in Waltham Cross, North London, this will be our third party in this location.

Whipstock Grange is a fantastically decorated school room with authentic school regalia and lots of stingy implements, you may have seen this in the Rhianna Parsons spanking video series on http://www.firmhandspanking.com as well as http://www.wellsmackedseat.com

Over the gym horse we go!


To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.

Stinging Tails

This party costs £180.00 to attend.


November 2017
1) Secretarial Spanking Party

2) Dukes of Hazzard Spanking Party

Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.

December 2017

1) Christmas Spanking Party

2) Naughty Santa’s helpers Party

Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.

Stinging Tails Spanking Parties
07763 870 589

Twitter @StingingTails

 We have even more parties planned for 2017 and beyond, so watch this space

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We ♥ Spanking!

Image result

We ♥ Implements

aug 13

We ♥ Discipline


Stinging Tails Spanking Parties take place on a Thursday and Saturday every month, the exact dates and girls attending are announced on this page.
The parties in Bristol take place on Friday’s

There is a special party at Christmas where jolly old Saint Nic sends his worst helpers.

The parties run from 1pm – 5.30pm, though you are encouraged to arrive anytime after 12.30pm to ensure a prompt start pf the party.

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