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In 2017 we will be having many exciting parties in both Birmingham and Bristol on both Thursdays and Saturdays.

These parties will feature all the beautiful bottoms as well as some new girls, we will also be holding a series of Femdom parties in both locations.

We will also be having parties in our specialist school room. Get ready to bend over the Headmaster’s desk – please watch this space for more details and pictures.

Join us in 2017, and spank us with our brand SPANKING new implements shipped from Canada, as well as a new set of canes from Malaysia.
Let the fun begin!

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Saturday 24th February 2018

In the Headmaster’s Study.


bedroom 1

bedroom 2

The new wall-mounted St Andrews Cross complete with hand ties, designed with spanking in mind!
This can be found within the refurbished spanking room in Birmingham.

Girls TBA


“Shut the door behind you, girls.”

The naughty girls did as they were told. They were now face to face with a very angry Headmaster. There was a minute’s silence where the girls felt they were being examined. The calm before the storm. The Headmaster was seated in a large leather chair behind a large wooden desk. Little did the girls know that this particular desk was chosen for its ability to accomdate and punish naughty bottoms.


bedroom 3.jpg

The Headmaster took several deep breaths before reeling off a list of offences. All the usual stuff. Nothing he hadn’t deal with hundreds of times before. But these girls? Not these girls, surely…. they were here only a week ago, and here they are in trouble yet again!

This situation is rapidly deteoriating and their behaviour will only get worse if not dealt with in the most efficient {and painful} manner.

bedroom 4.jpg
As a way of tackling these behavioural issues, the Headmaster has ordered that school funds be diverted from much needed activities to the construction of a St. Andrews Cross. The naughty pupils will be taught a very firm and very stingy lesson when against it.

This party is from 1pm to 5.30pm on Saturday 24th February 2018 in Birmingham.

Guests please arrive for 12.30pm so we can begin promptly at 1pm. Extra canings for lateness.

bedroom 5

To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £160.00 to attend.

More parties in 2018 to be announced shortly.

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w pTo book a private one-to-one spanking session with Danielle in the new spanking room, please email spankdanielle@hotmail.co.uk or ring 07763 870 589.


March 2018

Friday 2nd March 2018.
French Maid Spanking Party.

fms 3

Girls attending: Josephine, Marta, Danielle.

Just when you thought a spanking party was going to have to be cancelled because the girls had been too good!?!?!!?

All was going well in the Manor house, the chesterfields were being polished and the kitchen was sparkling. All the clothes were freshly ironed and the pantry was fully stocked.


The Lord of the manner was having great difficulty finding any fault with the Josephine, Marta and Danielle… something that is simply unheard of. It goes without saying that he has a bit of a reputation in the local village for finding ANY excuse to give the maids a good firm beating on the bare.

However, all of this changed when the Lord decided to throw a dinner party. Deciding to check on his beloved wine cellar, he was shocked to find that numerous bottles had been taken. Shockingly, some were on the floor empty.
It seems that the french maids had given the Lord good reason to punish them after all!


After much deliberation, the Lord of the Manor has decided that, rather than call in the police and draw endless amounts of unwanted attention, he would prefer to deal with the matter in-house.

For that reason, the Lord of the Manor is looking to assemble a group of firm handed men who will punish these bad girls. The Lord will provide all the implements, as long as food and drink.
Marta, Josephine and Danielle have picked on the wrong person if they feel that can get away with such treachery! The dinner party guests must ensure that the maids are firmly chastised – think red bottoms and tears of pain.

Their panties must be lowered and their bottoms must be strapped, paddled, tawsed and caned!

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This party will be held on Friday 2nd March 2018 in Bristol, and is from 12pm to 4.30pm. Guests are encouraged to arrive at 1130am to ensure we begin on time.
The party costs £180.00 to attend and includes food and drink. Alcohol is available to purchase. 


To book your place, please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589

More parties for 2018 to be announced shortly.

Stinging Tails Spanking Party
07763 870 589





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Stinging Tails Spanking Parties
07763 870 589

Twitter @StingingTails


 We have even more parties planned for 2018 and beyond, so watch this space

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We ♥ Spanking!

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We ♥ Implements

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We ♥ Discipline


Stinging Tails Spanking Parties take place on a Thursday and Saturday every month, the exact dates and girls attending are announced on this page.
The parties in Bristol take place on Friday’s

There is a special party at Christmas where jolly old Saint Nic sends his worst helpers.

The parties run from 1pm – 5.30pm, though you are encouraged to arrive anytime after 12.30pm to ensure a prompt start pf the party.


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