In 2017 we will be having many exciting parties in both Birmingham and Bristol on both Thursdays and Saturdays.

These parties will feature all the beautiful bottoms as well as some new girls, we will also be holding a series of Femdom parties in both locations.

We will also be having parties in our specialist school room. Get ready to bend over the Headmaster’s desk – please watch this space for more details and pictures.

Join us in 2017, and spank us with our brand SPANKING new implements shipped from Canada, as well as a new set of canes from Malaysia.
Let the fun begin!

Image result for canadian prison strap







Saturday 24th and Thursday 29th June 2017
Naughty French Maid Spanking Party in Birmingham




Girls Attending. Olivia {Brand new spankee, first party}, Danielle, Girls TBA

party olivia  <—- Olivia. New Spankee

    danielle french   <— Danielle the French Maid getting spanked on Red Stripe Films

All is not well in the Manor House.
The Lord of the Manor has taken on two new French Maids, and in the short six weeks that they have been here, there has been a considerable amount of items that have gone missing. These include the Lady of the Manor’s jewellery and perfume, not to mention boxes of chocolate and expensive bottles of wine.

This can go on no more!


The French Maids who previously worked at the Manor objected to the liberal use of corporal punishment by the Lord. This was administered for any acts of waywardness or sloppiness. Acts of embarresment include being made to stand in the naughty, skirt tucked up and knikers down, with a nice reddened bottom on display to all and sundry.

If this isn’t bad enough, Olivia and Danielle have ran up huge phone bills tot he Manor. They rarely arrive on time for work, particularly on Mondays. Olivia and Danielle’s poor behaviour has began to infect the other members of staff… they were caught in the greenhouse with the gardner and the butler enjoying a rather strange game of poker whilst naked.

fms 3

This will be Olivia’s first spanking party. Lets ensure that she gets the proper punishment she deserves. Olivia is a mixed race spankee who is in her mid 40s.
Time to bend over methinks!!!


On Saturday 24th and Thursday 29th June 2017, the Lord of the Manor will be out of the country on vacation, however he has left a list of instructions to the male house sitters that they are not to tolerate any type of insubordination by the maids. Olivia and Danielle are to carry out their maid duties with no allowance for trouble. IF either woman steps out of line, they are both to be punished with a range of implements as well as a dose of over the knee hand spanking.

fms 4   <- French Maid Danielle spanked by the Amsterdam Authoritarian on http://www.spanked-in-uniform.com

This party costs £160.00 to attend.

To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £160.00 to attend.






















July 2017





*****JUST ADDED*****
Friday 21st July
An Afternoon of Femdom. The Slave Auction

slave au 1

Stop the press!

On Friday 21st July, at 1300 hours. Mistress Penelope Cane, Temptress T and Danielle Hunt will be holding a Male Slave Auction in Birmingham.

How much are you worth is directly related to how much pain you can take. No ifs and not butts.

femdom 6    femdom 5
Can you prove yourself to the Mistresses? or are you an unworthy  and unworthy male slave?

This party will be a test of endurance and stealth. We have an arsenal of spanking implements to test your limits and assess whether we want you in out stable or not!

Male slaves will be rewarded as well as punished.

femdoim 7

To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £160.00 to attend.





July 2017

Friday 7th July 2017
Naughty Netballers Spanking Party in  North London

Image result for netball

Girls Attending, Foxy, Kandy, Danielle and Girls To Be Announced.

party foxy 1    party foxy 2   Spankee Foxy

birthday party 23    party bris 4    Kandy

spanked in uniform  asa-7  Spankee Danielle




Who would have thought a simple game of Netball would end in such a shambles?!?!?!?!?

Well that’s done it, there goes the reputation of the England Netball Team! In what was meant to be a friendly match with Australia, the girls began fighting and had to be separated by the spectators. The referee had his eye glasses smashed and somehow ended being taken away in the ambulance….

No one quite knows how it all began. The England team say that one of their teammates was DELIBERATELY tripped over, the Australian team say that one of their girls had their hair pulled.

Image result for netball

The England Team don’t seem particularly upset, they are ‘happy’ with their achievement; they didn’t score many goals, but they put more of the Australian teammates in hospital. The fracas even made the local news!!!

This disgusting behaviour cannot go unpunished. The England Netball team is banned from the next four matches, and face an indefinite ban on all future matches unless they can show that they are sorry for the problems that they caused, and show true remorse. As you can imagine, there doesn’t seem a huge chance that that will happen on its own….

birthday party 5

The team’s coaches are seeking a group of like-minded male disciplinarians to instill discipline into the girls. The coaches realise that the only prospect of the girls being allow to re-enter the competition is if the girls are punished like they have never been before. The girls must be reduced to tears, and to cap things off, the girls will be expected to write letters of apology to the Australian team, the referee, the spectators and so on.

This is a very big undertaking, and those considering applying MUST be aware that a half-hearted attempt will not suffice. This punishment party requires only the FIRMEST and STERNEST masters who will leave the girl’s bottoms red for at least a week.  Get your straps, paddles, tawses and canes ready!!!

birthday party 6

The Naughty Netballers Spanking Party will be held in the fabulous Whipstock Grange School Room in Waltham Cross, North London, this will be our second party in this location. Whipstock Grange is a fantastically decorated school room with authentic school regalia and lots of stingy implements, you may have seen this in the Rhianna Parsons spanking video series on http://www.firmhandspanking.com as well as http://www.wellsmackedseat.com

Over the gym horse we go!


Videos – http://www.firmhandspanking.com/spankingvideos125.htm

party whip 5  party whip 4

Whipstock Grange Venue Information:

To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £180.00 to attend.




Thursday 27th and Saturday 29th July 2017
End of School Spanking Party in Birmingham

st 11    st 10

Image result for school girls spanked

Girls Attending TBA.


Dear Sirs

As you will know, the end of the Summer school term is upon us. Throughout this past year, a small group of female students caused quite a stir around the grounds of their exclusive private school. There has already been a number of behavioural issues concerning these three, including refusing not just to wear the school uniform but not wanting to wear any clothes at all.

A group of female students have been caught running around campus in the nude late at night. There has also been several occasions of money and school equipment going missing. These include a number a canes that belong in the Headmaster’s Study.

As you can imagine, all of three of the miscreants are used to being across the Headmaster’s desk, bent over, nervously awaiting six of the best for their indescretions.

Related image

All three girls have yet to realise that larking around has to end sometime, as  you know, D’s and E’s wont translate into jobs…. They don’t seem to understand the importance of passing exams… or being polite…

Image result for school girls spanked

Towards the end of last term these three reprobates roamed around the school in a pack, and developed a reputation for thieving, fighting and skipping lessons. Several bottles of alcohol was found in their lockers, it turns out that they were selling this onto other students. When asked about this, they exclaimed that she was “just doing what Alan Sugar would do”….

Image result for school girls spanked

Danielle at the last school she was expelled from, The Bellington Academy.

Cigarettes and a Bottle of Gin 2 (11.32min 575MB)

Videos with Miss Svenson and Danielle at The Bellington Academy School available on http://www.wellsmackedseat.com

To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £160.00 to attend.


Image result for spanked female

August 2017
Charity Spanking Party to raise funds for Lymphoma Association.

Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.

September 2017

Back to School Spanking Party

Friday 8th September 2017 in Bristol.





wheel   cane

(Picture from last year’s Back to School spanking party)

Who ever could have thought that four young ladies could cause so much trouble? Chloe, Kandy, Rebecca and Danielle are back in detention again. They have been fighting in the class room again, this is after they were caught graffiting the school toilets – Mr Jones is a C**T.

Absolutely awful language, and absolutely awful behaviour from girls who just don’t care. The girls think its funny to get a line of D’s and E’s on their end of year reports for the last academic year. The food fights in the dinner hall were one thing…. but this troublesome bunch have also been caught placing one another across the knees and smacking one another’s bottoms, trying to see if they can hit harder than Headmaster. Unbelievable.

They are totally irresponsible and bring the school uniform into disrepute.


What is needed is an unmovable board of governors who won’t be taken in by threse four reprobates batting their eyelids and promising to stay out of trouble. We need men who are going to ensure that they get to the ‘bottom’ of the problem.

So get your canes out gentlemen!

We will be bringing out big array of implements to Bristol for the day, and our bottoms, for a long day of spanking fun.

implements 1


This party is from 12pm to 4.30pm on Friday 8th September 2017 in Bristol.

Guests please arrive for 11.30am so we can begin promptly at 12pm. Extra canings for lateness.

birthday party 23   birthday party 12  Kandy

birthday party 16   birthday party 17   Chloe

party-sep-5   party-sep-1  Rebecca

bristol 56   birthday party 8   Danielle


To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.
Stinging Tails

This party costs £180.00 to attend.






Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.

October 2017
1) Girls Slumber Party Spanking Party

2) Badly Behaved Schoolboys Party – Femdom only.

Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.

Related image

November 2017
1) Secretarial Spanking Party

2) Dukes of Hazzard Spanking Party

Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.

December 2017

1) Christmas Spanking Party

2) Naughty Santa’s helpers Party

Exact girls and date to be announced. Please contact for more details.

Stinging Tails Spanking Parties
07763 870 589

Twitter @StingingTails

 We have even more parties planned for 2017 and beyond, so watch this space

Image result

We ♥ Spanking!

Image result

We ♥ Implements

aug 13

We ♥ Discipline


Stinging Tails Spanking Parties take place on a Thursday and Saturday every month, the exact dates and girls attending are announced on this page.
The parties in Bristol take place on Friday’s

There is a special party at Christmas where jolly old Saint Nic sends his worst helpers.

The parties run from 1pm – 5.30pm, though you are encouraged to arrive anytime after 12.30pm to ensure a prompt start pf the party.

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