The party begins as the girls’ misdemeanours are read out. You will form part of a panel which will decide what the punishment is to be – a party has not gone by where the punishment handed down to the errant school girls, bratty nieces, thieving French Maids, sloppy secretaries {the list goes on} has been anything other than a good dose of spanking.


The fun doesn’t stop there. You must make sure that you look behind the girls’ moans and cries to ensure that they have learnt their lesson.

party 11

After the spanking round, if you feel the girls still have some way to go to make amends, the next item on the agenda will be a round with the leather implements: paddles, straps, tawses, riding crops, floggers and so on.


At this point the seriousness of the girls’ offences is forgotten as we engage in spanking games such as Guess The Spanker, various card games or Spanking Twister.


We then break for a delicious hot lunch {home cooked food, included in the party price}. After this, the girls are encouraged to think deeply about their misdemeanours and to ensure they do not get in trouble again, there is a 1-1 round where every man gets to spank all of the girls in private rooms away from the rest of the party {usual duration 10-20 minutes with each girl}.

This is also the chance to switch if you dare.


website 6

Finally, it’s the ‘cake and caning round’. Every girl receives 6 of the cane administered by every male attending. The girls also cane one another!


To book your place please email stingingtails@hotmail.com or ring 07763 870 589.

Stinging Tails




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